HP Rolling Out with a New Line of Business PC’s

HP has announced they are coming out with a new line of business PC’s for 2011. With 7 new models to choose from, there’s a PC suitable for everyone. HP’s latest technologies will most likely be a big hit. After all, they are one of the biggest desktop suppliers in the world.

The HP Compaq 8200 Elite is the best in its class. It has multiple upgrades to choose from. It offers a wide selection of Intel vPro processors, graphic cards, and chassis options. HP claims that it delivers up to 40% greater performance than their existing desktops. The cost of this PC starts at $679 and should be available March 7th.

The HP 100B All-in-One PC is said to be a space-saving design, aimed at smaller companies with lower budgets. HP claims that it comes equipped with all the tools they need to get the job done. The system is based on an AMD dual-core processor, integrated graphics, and a 20in LCD flat-screen display. This PC starts at $499, and should be available next month.

Each and every design is different. Their goal is to improve productivity, reduce the impact they have environmentally, and create PC’s that are suitable for every type of business. Expect this whole new line to be release by the end of March.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011