Importance of Graphics Card in your Computer

Graphics Card

It is very important to have a decent graphics card in your computer. If you have an older desktop computer which you need to upgrade to Windows 7, it is about time that you upgraded the graphics card as well. A good graphics card shares the CPU load and makes your system perform better. Also, it helps users optimize the properties of display to ensure they experience the system in a better manner.

Graphics cards also provide several functions related to video, such as TV output, DVD playback and video capture. If you have rented a computer from one of the computer rentals firm, find out what kind of graphics card that has been installed in the system. Most PCs have integrated graphics in the place of video cards. The graphics processors are installed with the motherboard of your PC. The power of integrated graphics is constantly being enhanced, but a separate video card continues to have a lot of power.

Look for your video card

If you want to find out what GPU (graphics processing unit) or video card is present in your computer, you would need to check the manufacturer specs or look for the same in the Control Panel of your system. Under the Control Panel, you would need to look under ‘Appearance and Personalization’. Once you are there, click the ‘Adjust Screen Resolution’ option, go to ‘Advanced Settings’ and then click on ‘Adapter’ where the information about the video card of your system will be available.

If you intend on upgradation of your desktop, it is important that you also consider replacing the video card as part of the process. It is often said that a boost in RAM helps the system, which is a great idea, but boosting the power of graphics is a sure way to improve the computer’s performance.

Before upgrading

Find out from your computer rentals expert or your hardware consultant as to whether your computer has the appropriate slot for the graphics card you want to upgrade the system with. In fact, it is best to ask the experts about what kind of card you should choose for the kind of work you do.

The RAM is not a very important; the most important consideration should be the bandwidth of the graphics card. It is also important to match the graphics card with the processor of your system. Once you are sure about the various factors, get your expert to install the card.

Monday, October 20, 2014