Intel Launches New Chips for Longer Battery Life

Intel Launches Fourth Generation Chips

Devices like PCs and laptops show limited performance not because of their processing power, but because of their battery life. Even the most powerful laptop batteries give an average of just about 5 hours when used exhaustively. Intel is planning to change all that with its new Haswell chips.

The fourth generation Intel chips were released at the CES 2013. These chips plan to bring a new life to the ultrabooks, with more than 9 hours of uninterrupted battery life before recharging. The chipset will be launched in the new detachable ultrabook reference design that is named as North Cape. This device turns into a 10 mm tablet that gives 13 hours of battery life when docked.

The 22-nanometer architecture has an extension of up to 50% of battery life, on devices running on the Ivy Bridge-based chipset. The devices with the new chips will have a function called as “power gating”, which intelligently turns off the machine when not in use, in turn saving battery life.

The devices powered by the new chips can easily play up to 3 HD movies, and give a 20% improvement in graphics and better “improved on” states. In the reference design unveiled by Intel, the batteries were placed behind display screen and under the keyboard on a Core i7 or Core i5 system. The new technology can be expected to be implemented in all the new devices powered by Windows 8 through the year. To try any of Intel’s chipset-based devices, you can rent a computer from your local computer rental agency.

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