Kaspersky and NetApp Make Announcements to Work with Citrix

Kaspersky and NetApp Join Hands with Citrix

Kaspersky Lab, which is a security solutions expert, and NetApp, the networking and storage giant, made announcements recently that they would be working with Citrix Systems, which is a virtualization vendor. The announcement was made during the yearly Synergy conference.

Kaspersky announced that, in the near future, it would make available a virtualization security product, which is specifically designed for Citrix environments. The company has named this product Security for Virtualization-Light Agent, which would be launched in the fall. It is targeted at Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenServer. The product is designed to reduce the working load of the systems by transferring the security functions to a hypervisor layer.

NetApp announced Citrix solutions for cloud services, mobile collaboration, application and desktop visualization. The company opined that cloud computing and mobile work-styles are transforming IT and business structure. It further said that there was a need for data to be available all the time to enable disruption-free functioning and better storage efficiency. This is the reason NetApp is collaborating with Citrix.

The vice-president Patrick Rogers who deals with NetApp’s data center platform said Citrix and NetApp share a common vision to provide an easily deployable architecture for transitioning enterprises to hybrid and private clouds. The product would enable organizations to support a highly mobile workforce with an infrastructure that is cloud-ready. With technologies like these, people can just pick up a device from a computer rental store and connect to the already available cloud infrastructure at any time.

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