Laptop Releases to Look Forward to in 2015

Every year, the CES witnesses a number of interesting product launches, including improved laptops and ultra slim notebooks from the top computer and laptop manufacturers. This year has not been any different. Visitors and tech enthusiasts at the CES 2015 had the chance to checkout some impressive laptops and ultra books that will be launched in 2015. As expected, the laptops continue to get smaller, thinner, lighter and faster. Here is a look at the laptop releases that you should look forward to this year.

Dell XPS 13

According to the claims made by Dell, this is the world's smallest 13-inch laptop. Priced at a hefty $799, the Dell XPS 13 is a compact ultra slim notebook packed inside a body that is too compact to hold it. The company claims that a lot of research and engineering had gone into developing this slim laptop that comes with a beautiful screen, pre-installed Windows 8.

Lenovo LaVie Z

Lenovo has launched the lightest ever 13-inch laptop at the CES this year - the LaVie Z which comes with a price tag of $1299. While the MacBook Air from Apple weighs 2.96 lbs ( 1.3 kg), the LaVie Z clamshell laptop is just 1.72 lbs or 0.7 kgs. The hybrid version of the laptop is just 2.04 lbs or 0.9 kgs. This light-weight laptop from Lenovo comes after the Yoga 3 Pro which weighed 1.2 kg, launched at the CES last year.

Lenovo Yoga 2

Lenovo Yoga 2 and Flex 3

The new Yoga 2 with AnyPen is something that stylus fans can look forward to this year. The new version of the tab comes with AnyPen technology, which means it responds to any metal object for navigation as well as writing. You could try using a screwdriver, a knife or keys to navigate. Or you could opt for more comfortable choices like a pen or pencil too, for writing as well as smooth navigation.

The Flex 3 comes with a new design and swivels 360 degrees so that you can use it as a tablet, a laptop or a kiosk. It will be available in three screen sizes 11 inch, 14 inch and 15 inches.

Acer 17 Nitro

Joining the slim notebook manufacturers' bandwagon is Acer with its Nitro V17 which will be launched in 2015. The Acer Nitro 17 is one of the sharp-looking gaming laptops like the HP Omen and the Lenovo Y50. These three laptops are similar in terms of graphics cards and CPU, but the differentiating feature in the Nitro is RealSense 3D technology. The RealSense 3D technology camera from Intel is also seen in HP Sprout tablet and Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015