Laptop Sales to Gain Momentum by 2017

International Data Corp (IDC), an analyst outfit, has predicted a 3.6% increase in laptop sales in 2017 compared with 2012 figures, in spite of the increasing popularity of tablets and smartphones. IDC has, like all other analyst firms, predicted a decline in PC sales. However, the new forecast from them still presents a bleak view for the PC industry, but a positive result for the laptop industry.

Unsurprisingly, IDC figures show a rise in laptop sales in the emerging markets. These markets are touted to see close to 6% increase in sales by 2017, with sales predicted to hit 127.5 million pieces by then. The upward trend will even show in the mature markets, where shipments will rise by 0.1% or to 80 million devices.

There are many users who are slowly realizing that computing work such as connection to social media sites, accessing web, sending mails, using apps, and so on require less local storage and computing power. They are now using smaller devices that have better battery life, touch sensitivity, and instant start features.

As Windows plans to end the support for Windows XP operating system by 2014, there is expected to be a rush of upgrades. But the current market response to Windows 8 has been lukewarm, and it still isn't clear if businesses will see the upgrades as an opportunity. You can try other Windows 8 devices by renting one from a local computer rental store.

IDC figures show that the laptop industry isn't finished yet. Even if the predictions don't turn out to be true, it is highly unlikely that the PC industry would die in the next 5 years as suggested in a few reports.

Laptop Sales to Gain Momentum by 2017
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Thursday, July 18, 2013