Laptops Enhances Your Learning Skills

Laptops have got lot of potential to distract you from doing something, especially the students. But a new research says that the laptops actually increase students’ attentiveness, engagement, learning and participation.

For succeeding on this aspect, the instructor should set a good stage to attract the students. Samson, a Professor developed a tool called ‘Lecture Tools that utilizes students’ laptops‘ have received recognitions for his technology work on education.

While allowing laptops to classrooms without any preparation, you’ll definitely end up in trouble for the invitation of laptops. The students will obviously browse their favorite social media websites. The key is to invariably engage your students through their work on computers. The Lecture tools will do just that claims Samson.

He said Lecture tools are a teaching module to interact with students to know their response. Many universities and lecturers have set up their own accounts to improve their skills. During the survey of more than 200 students, he came to know that the tools made them engaged, attentive, and also able to learn compared with those who are not using the tool kit.

Lecture tools serves as the robust clickers for students. It allows students to take notes of their own directly from the slides of lecturers. The students can ask questions on the chat screen while class is on and others can see the question and answer. The own understanding can also be rated by the students giving the lecture a valuable feedback.

This Lecture Tools significantly increased the participation of students in class room activities and increased the interactions between the students and lecturers without disturbing in the flow of class room sessions says Samson.

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Monday, April 11, 2011