Lenovo Opting for Smartphones over PCs

Lenovo to Concentrate Less on PCs and More on Smartphones

As Lenovo closes in on the position as the largest PC maker in the world, it has to brace the severe decline in PC sales around the world. Currently, its biggest challenge is looking for more revenue sources through its smartphone business. But Apple is a clear leader in this category and hasn’t given room to its competitors to become market leaders in this segment.

Lenovo presently gets above 80% of revenue from its PC sales. A recent research by IDC has suggested that the PC shipments worldwide will continue their fall and is touted to decrease by almost 8% in 2013 alone, with another 1% decline in the next year. As such, Lenovo has so far maintained good sales, but this scenario may not continue in the future, considering the present developments.

Lenovo has another couple of years to see growth in the PC segment, but after that it will have to diversify its offerings a lot. For its part, Lenovo will try to emulate the successful formula for PCs into smartphones. Currently, it is the second largest seller of smartphones in China, and the company will try to replicate this result in other markets also.

Lenovo is taking a similar manufacturing stand for smartphones as it has done for PCs in the past. Its excellent in-house manufacturing capabilities have made it stand out in the PC industry. You can try the PCs from Lenovo by renting one from any computer rental service in your region.

Friday, August 9, 2013