Microsoft to Concentrate More on Tablets

Microsoft Faces Uphill Task in Improving PC Sales

With sales of computers falling steadily in the recent years, Microsoft faces an uphill task of publicizing its Windows 8 devices, while competing with other established players such as Apple. Microsoft had a lot of hopes in improving PC sales with the release of Windows 8, but the worldwide fall in sales of personal computers have continued to show low returns for Microsoft.

Tablets and smart phone devices have penetrated the market for electronic devices to the extent that their sales far outnumber those of PCs. The downward trend of PC sales has continued with a 14% decline during the first quarter of 2013. Microsoft is planning to spend more than $10 billion in research and development of cloud computing and mobility.

Microsoft Windows is turning out to be a zero revenue growth business for Microsoft. As such, it has become necessary for Microsoft to release products that capture the imagination of users and help increase device sales for the company.

On the other end of the spectrum, Apple is continuing its strong market presence with steady sales of its Mac OS based devices. According to latest reports, Apple is planning to upgrade all the major Mac devices such as Mac Air and MacBook Pro with software upgrades and to lower price tags.

As the competition heats up with other players like Lenovo, Acer, and ASUS joining the fray, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Microsoft to gain the stronghold once again, which it held for close to two decades. You can try any Windows 8 powered device by renting it through computer rental services, to check the OS for yourself and decide about its merits.

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