Thursday, July 17, 2014
Author: Ken Scott
Macbook Air

Apple MacBook holds center stage with the latest version of Air known to run longer, faster and to cost less at the same time. Showcased at $999 in the US, the 13 inch 2014 release of MacBook Air is a good $100 less than last year’s model.

Features of 2014 MacBook Air

2014 MacBook Air, launched MacBook Air in April, houses a 1.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor, improved HD5000 graphics Haswell-generation CPU with the added benefit of 802.11ac WiFi, the latest in future wireless routers. With 4GB 1,600MHZ DDR3 SDRAM, and 128 GB SSD storage capacity, the 11inch and 13inch Air Books run on OSX 10.9.3 Mavericks operating system.

Sleek design

Set in iconic Apple style, the 2014 - 13 and 11 inch MacBook Air devices sport classic aluminum sleek bodies. As slim as 0.11-0.68 inches, the latest Air designs are thinner and lighter without having compromised on keyboard footprint. The unibody aluminum construction retains a majority of previous Air models released from 2010, till date.

Rigid, durable and dependable, the highlight of 2014 MacBook Air is it’s durability in design, even when subject to somewhat rugged and rough use. Features like the trackpad and backlit keyboard remain the same as 2013 models.

Equipped with multi-touch gestures, the trackpad continues to be the most comfortable, responsive, and user-friendly system available in laptops today. MacBook Air lends a seamless way to switch between personalized desktops, windows and applications with simple three-four finger gestures on the trackpad.

Display features

The 2014 Air trumps its predecessor in terms of higher resolution display in 1,440x900 pixels. The 11.6 inch Air model displays a 16:9 widescreen, unlike the 13inch version. Both models however, incorporate an antiglare coating that increases resolution display, and decreases mirror effect common to most laptops.

However, one of the key improvements in the 2014 Air model is its increased battery life. Several people would buy the 2014 Air solely based on its battery life, which runs to about 16 hours 26 minutes, on offline video playback. An impressive time to beat, the battery life on a 2014 Air models matches that of iPads or tablets. 

Although MacBook Air models released in 2014 are quite similar to the 2013 versions, they out perform their predecessors in battery life, portability and durability. With features on par with the latest iPads, chances more people opt for the convenience of an added keyboard in the 11 inch 2014 Air is high. Well suited for mainstream use, in addition to being incredibly travel friendly, the MacBook Air is also a great computer laptop option.

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Monday, July 7, 2014
Author: Ken Scott
Advantages of Renting Computers for Small Businesses

Anybody who has made an attempt to start and maintain the functionality of a small business enterprise or a start-up would have come across several obstacles with respect to getting access to the latest technology available in the market.

Your entire investment money could be consumed in purchasing new-age computer technology and peripheral equipments, and this obviously poses a big problem for small scale businesses with limited budgets.

The good news for small business entrepreneurs is that there are a variety of useful alternatives available today apart from simply purchasing brand new computer systems for their businesses. The most common and popular among these alternatives is the concept of ‘Computer Rentals’.

How Can Computer Rentals Help Businesses?

There are several financial advantages of renting a computer instead of purchasing one. There is obviously an appreciable cut-down in your investment cost, added tax-saving benefits, and accuracy in budgeting with respect to monthly expenditures, to name a few.

There are other benefits of rentals as well. For instance, you have the option to rent a completely different set of computer equipment based on your new requirements, once your rental period is over and demands renewal.

It is definitely more pocket-friendly. You have no burden of disposing off your computer system when it no longer serves you (as in the case of purchased computers). In case of rentals, you simply have to give back the system to the rental service once you are done using it. With computer rentals, you are also presented with a wide variety of brands and equipment to choose from. Most good computer rental services will have computers and laptops of all the tops brands such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple, Compaq etc that are available for renting.

Updated Technology for your Business

Companies often waste large amounts of money to update their computer systems to match the latest technological advancements. An easier option is to instead use the fund to invest in upgraded computer rental equipment. The value of computers is nearly nil at the end of a three year period, so owning an old system is not the most lucrative of positions to be in. Rental programs help you update your computer systems from time to time-be it short term or long term.

Installation and purchase of new computers can weigh down your administrative income and is also a complete waste of time and effort. This task is automatically undertaken by computer rentals. The programs installed by the computer rental company can simply upgrade your computer system without any hassles.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014
Author: Ken Scott

If you run your own business in Toronto or are planning to start one, you might be looking at meeting your technological requirements in a cost-effective manner. Every office today requires a basic set up with computers, printers and other related equipment. But this also calls for major investments from the business point of view. The good news is that there are a number of computer rental services in Toronto that could meet your short term technological needs in an efficient and cost-saving way.

These computer rentals offer clients a huge variety of brands for desktop computers or laptops that can be rented for a certain period of time. The plus point is that this equipment will be delivered to any specified location in Canada without any effort from your end. You also get to select your computer equipment from brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple etc. which guarantee good performance.

Technical Support


Clients are also provided with full staff support with respect to technical issues. This includes the entire equipment installation process and the download of customized software. The support staff also offers configuration support along with dismantling the equipment when it is no longer needed for use. The computers are usually available for rent on a daily, weekly, monthly or even a yearly basis. Computer rentals in Toronto are very common as they are simple, cost saving and yet extremely efficient ways to get a technological aid for your running your business. Their benefits for different types of staff training programs, client meetings and presentations and short term projects are especially notable.

Other Benefits

As mentioned earlier, Toronto has a number of computer rentals that provide affordable, reliable and good quality branded computer technology to meet different types of business needs. You could be a sole entrepreneur looking for a personal laptop or a large company looking to rent equipment for corporate travel purposes, all your needs can be met at these computer rental services.

They will also offer adequate consultation if required. Also, they have access to the biggest stock of computer equipment, ranging from desktops, laptops, workstations to notebooks. In fact a whole range of presentation equipment is also available at these computer rentals-printers, screens, displays and other miscellaneous equipment.

If your firm is planning on holding a conference anywhere in Canada, the staff from the computer rental company can help arrange network communication setups that will give your staff access to all kinds of information shared in the entire conference space.

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Monday, June 30, 2014
Author: Ken Scott

When working in huge multinational companies or when running your own business, we all often face situations when the staff and the equipment, both fall short in terms of productivity. The increasing workload-presentations, documentation and filing,  call for a more flexible and convenient work method.

Printer rentals are a one stop solution to help you in all your documentation printing, so that your work stays uninterrupted even in the most stressful situations. Renting printers actually ends up saving high investment expenditure to meet some short-term needs of the business.

Need for printer rentals

Printer Rentals

No business today can function even one day without producing huge amounts of documents for projects, presentations, recruitment, training and so on. While most of these needs can be met within the office space, there are times when things can get out of hand. Such short term situations and events call for immediate external help. Some of these scenarios could include the following:

  • Peak periods when there is sudden escalation of  workload like open employment, court cases and getting quarter ending reports ready
  • Important events and occasions including conferences, trade shows, seminars and meetings
  • Short-term requirements such as execution of construction projects or meeting needs of temporary office spaces
  • Support required for your revival strategy when faced with emergencies such as flood, fire or earthquake

Benefits of printer rentals

Boost your employee productivity: You could enhance the skill and capabilities of your employees by renting fast and easy-to-operate printers and copiers. Most of the printer rentals offer a huge range of scanners, copiers, printers, both in terms of quality and budget, to their customers. Printers are available in both black and white as well as colored printing options. Your employees will be able to utilize these printers to produce all documents required for various business needs.

Meeting various business needs: Whether you are looking to grow and expand your business or simply looking to meet some short term targets-  (which require a lot of documentation printing), printer rentals provide suitable solutions for all business purposes. These printers are available for rent in different price ranges which suit all budgets.

Cost and tax saving: Several businesses consider leasing a printer/ photocopier based on a fixed term agreement a very cost efficient way to meet printing requirements and this brings down the initial capital expenditure along with the cost of maintenance. There are also tax-saving benefits to be considered when deciding on a rental agreement over purchase of printing machinery.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014
Author: Ken Scott
Computer Rental Services in Toronto

If you  are based out of  Toronto and carry out your own business or if you are part of a professional team in a company, you may like to consider computer rental services in order to meet your short and long term technological requirements. This means you would get high quality computer equipments for rent accompanied by consistent customer support services.

There are a number of good computer rentals in Toronto that provide a large  range of computers and related equipments from top brand such as Apple, HP, Dell, IBM and Toshiba. These rental services usually allows you to select the computer or any other equipment from their huge inventory. Choose the ones which best suits your business needs with regards to technological support.

Staff assistance is also  provided if the client is not sure about his or her specific technological needs or the right computer to pick for the particular business tasks. They not only help you pick the appropriate equipment but also guide you about various applications that you could get installed in your computer,  offering personalized solutions to every customer.

Rental packages and benefits

The fact that computer rentals are so popular can be accredited to the fact that it is a cost–saving solution. This is especially beneficial for businesses and individuals who have to meet technology needs for a short  period of time. All budgets are considered by these computer rentals whether one is looking to rent an LCD monitor for a professional show or simply a personal computer for an office space. There are value-for-money plans to incorporate different needs of customers.

Toronto-Business development hub

Toronto has often been acknowledged for its extensive growth in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. Businesses are fast expanding from this city to all across the globe and this naturally calls for networking and use of information technology. So,computer rentals are becoming extremely popular in the city to meet the various demands of entrepreneurs and professionals.

The students at the University of Toronto make frequent use of these affordable computer rentals for executing their class projects. A lot of companies in the city of Toronto also meet their staff training requirements by making use of computer rentals. There are options to check out the newest range of computers and laptops and this helps you to make an informed buying decision. You can also look at the lightweight computer variety if you are planning to take a business trip.

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Monday, June 23, 2014
Author: Ken Scott

The Lenovo Yoga 2 11 picks up from the design and build of the bigger IdeaPad Yoga 2 and is the latest convertible laptop offering by the company. The screen resting on a hinge can swing around in four different ways and it also comes with a convenient easy-to-use keyboard. Add to this, a long lasting battery and you have a pretty decent system working for you.


As far as hybrid convertible laptops are concerned, The Lenovo Yoga 2 11 is priced modestly. The design options include a dark silver or light silver exterior as well as Clementine orange. The matte silver finishing on the keyboard is noteworthy and is a good contrast to the dark-colored keys of the comfortable keyboard. The keys are convex in shape to make them easier to use when typing.

The single piece touch-pad is slightly smaller in size but responds well to multiple touch commands. The full-sized QWERTY keyboard  disappoints slightly with its small arrow keys.

The screen is  pretty solid which makes it quite easy to use when the laptop mode is on in the system. The system does not come with pre-installed  applications . Some of the installed apps include, Evernote Touch, eBay, Kindle, Microsoft Office (Trial) and Zinio. Some Lenovo applications are also available for use such as Lenovo Companion, Yoga Camera Man among others.

Performance review

Lenovo Yoga 2 (11 inch )

The Yoga 2 11 has an Intel Pentium N3520 processor and a memory of 4GB. In contrast to the other hybrid laptops,  lot of high-level multimedia tasks can’t be carried out on the Yoga 2 11. However, you can do the usual photo and video editing if required.

The battery life of the Yoga 2 11 extends up to a good 6 hours 53 minutes. This almost gets you through your entire day and is much more than what is offered by the Satellite NB1 by Toshiba.

If you’re looking to buy an ultra-book class of laptops from the Lenovo family, but don’t require all the ultra-book functions and want to avoid the luxury cost, then you could definitely go for the Lenovo Yoga 2 11. But it is good to keep other less costly options such as the HP Pavilion in mind which has a trendier look and the same internal configuration and functions. Go for the computer rental option to check out the various features of this new laptop by Lenovo.

Thursday, June 19, 2014
Author: Ken Scott
MSI GT70 2PC Dominator

If you are looking for a laptop for a great gaming experience, the 17-inch MSI GT70 2PC Dominator might be the one  for you. Equipped with the most recently introduced hardware by Nvidia, this laptop comes with a keyboard that can be customized. It also has a Blue-ray disk drive. There are some drawbacks, for instance the lack of support from a touch-pad for the perfect Windows 8 user experience. However, it is still a very appealing option for gaming lovers and comes at a very modest price.

Design features

 People who have already used MSI’s laptops in the gaming category previously, might find the MSI GT70 Dominator very similar  in its design with respect to the other laptops. The laptop comes with a trendy keyboard which is well designed by SteelSeries.

Several back-lighting colors are available with options of setting any rainbow color of your choice. The keys are easy to use with just the right amount of depth and the touch-pad support is reasonably good too. It has distinct buttons for left and right navigation but the option to ‘swipe’, which is a basic feature of Windows 8 navigation, is absent.

The screen is 17.3 inches wide and offers a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. The reflectivity and strain from the screen is greatly reduced by the matte finishing. The colors of the display are pretty good as well and the screen viewing is very comfortable even though there is no option to exercise the touch function. However, this is very common among gaming laptops. Last but not the least, there are two speakers fitted on the 2PC Dominator along with a sub-woofer built into the system.

Performance review

The GT70 2PC Dominator has an Intel Core i7-4800 (quad-core) processor. There is a memory RAM of 16 GB and it definitely is a strong performer in both the arenas of gaming and other productive functions.

As far as the multimedia performance is concerned, the Handbrake was completed by the laptop in 32 seconds and it took 3 minutes and 17 seconds for a Photo-shop function. This was quite a good speed  for video and photo editing functions even at a slightly professional level.

The battery life test for the GT70 2PC Dominator was not exactly thrilling as it lasted only for 3 hours and 19 minutes. Even though this was a better performance than laptops such as the EON 17 by Origin but it’s not as good as some of the other laptops in the same range. Get in touch with computer rentals to check out this laptop if you’re a gaming lover!

Monday, June 16, 2014
Author: Ken Scott

The ultraportable Toshiba Portege R30-A1302 boasts of an Intel Core i7 processor alongside a high-speed solid-state drive (SSD).  What makes it even better? It comes with a battery life that lasts all day long. This makes it perfect to qualify as a powerful business laptop. Not much can be said about the remainder of the system that is pretty average and nothing beyond the ordinary.

Design review

The Portege R30-A1302 has sort of an old school design and looks a bit chunkier when compared to other ultrabooks that come in much sleeker designs. It's a just over one inch thick at 12.4 by 1.04 by 9 inches (WHD). However, it is quite a light machine weighing just about 3.18 pounds.

Toshiba Portege R30-A1302

The frame of the Toshiba has large side panels that provide room for full-size ports - VGA, Ethernet, ExpressCard and have enough room left. There is provision for a DVD burner and also an SD card slot, three USB ports and a headset jack.

You can enjoy the multi-touch touchpad experience along with a pointing stick when using this device. Below the keyboard, you will also find the mouse buttons as how they are usually placed. The keyboard claims to be spill-resistant and has a slight sponge-like feel to touch.

Machine performance

The device comes with a dual-core Intel Core i7-4600M processor and integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics. The memory is a good 8GB. It takes a matter of seconds to boot the system. The system's SSD is the reason it scored 4,727 points on PCMark 7. AS far as performance at the multimedia front is concerned, Portege beat its rivals-the Dell e7440 and the two Lenovos.

The ultraportable cleared the battery rundown test with flying colors lasting a good 9 hours 20 minutes which was much more than the Lenovo T440s and Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch. However, when compared to the MacBook Pro which has a battery life of about 11 hours and 26 minutes, it still lagged behind by a few hours.

The device is appealing with respect to its features and model design. It gives the user a lot of relevant features such as the DVD burner, ExpressCard etc in a very simple easy-to-use design framework. But it falls short in its appeal when it comes to the $1,600 price which is almost the same as that of ultrabooks which come with a touchscreen of much higher-resolution. Computer rentals are a great option if you would like to check out this new machine by Toshiba!

Thursday, June 12, 2014
Author: Ken Scott

The MacBook Air 2014 had quite a low key launch in the market and doesn’t really have many improvements or alterations to boast about. The computer now has a CPU of 1.4GHz (Intel Core Haswell processors) as compared to the previous configuration of 1.3 GHz. The rest of the features of the laptop remain unchanged, i.e. an Intel HD 5000 graphics, 4GB Ram and a slim aluminium body. What is surprising is that the price range now starts at £749 and the entire range of the Apple MacBook Air models is now under £1,000.

Size: Depending upon what you are looking for-a lighter laptop or some extra screen space, you could go for either the 11 inch or 13 inch MacBook in this range. The amazingly thin 0.3-1.7cm unibody design is common to both the Air models offered by Apple. While the 11 inch machine weighs just about 1.08kg, the 13 inch MacBook Air, measuring 32.5X22.7 inches is 1.55kg in weight.

Apple MacBook Air 2014

Screen Resolution: The MacBook Air screens continue to lack Retina displays. This means they have lower pixel density as compared to the MacBook Pro which comes with a Retina display. The screen resolution of the 13 inch MacBook Air is 1,440 x 900 pixels. This is much lesser than that of the 13 inch MacBook Pro (2,560 by 1,600 pixels). The 11-inch MacBook Air has a 1,366 x 768 resolution.

Purchase Decision

Previously, there was very little difference in the price of the 13 inch Air model (2013) with a screen resolution of 1,440-x-900 pixels and the 13 inch MacBook Pro with a 2,560-by-1,600 'Retina' resolution. In 2013, the cost of a superior Retina screen was only £120 more than the starting price of the 13-inch MacBook Air and it came with several other benefits. However, now there is major price difference of £250.

MacBook Air with the 13-inchscreen is the only model that has an SDXC card slot. This definitely makes it an appealing purchase for professional photographers. Both the models lack a DVD drive. This means a user may have to purchase a separate Apple USB SuperDrive which is an added expense of £65.

There is a backlit keyboard in both the MacBooks along with a huge multi-touch track-pad.

Battery of MacBook Air

The 13-inch Apple MacBook Air claims to have a full working day battery life which essentially means 12 hours and is the same as that of the 13 inch MacBook Air 2013 model. Computer rentals can help you decide which model of MacBook to purchase based on your specific use requirements.

Monday, June 9, 2014
Author: Ken Scott

A lot of electronic waste is being generated with new technology coming in quickly. Most of the e-waste normally consists of old and bulky computers. However, we can recycle most of the components used in these old machines to make new gadgets. Many companies have even started taking steps towards this direction.

Components that can be recycled

Plastic plays a major role among the main components that can be recycled. It is also a major element used for making new gadgets. Many companies have kick-started their recycling program to use plastic in a better and eco-friendly manner. Other re-usable materials include metals and glass. According to experts, almost 99 percent of the components used in different kinds of electronic gadgets can be recycled. The current practice of carelessly dumping these elements is harming the environment as toxic metals and chemicals enter the food chain of many wild animals.

Companies need to put in more effort

Computers with Recycled Plastic

Computer and mobile manufacturing companies need to put in a more effort by expanding their hardware take-back program all over the world. These companies need to re-use  plastics and metals from the old computers, manufactured by them. However, they must also make sure that their efforts are sustainable so that they can keep following the practice for a long period of time. These efforts will surely turn profitable for such companies as they will be able to save a lot of money while maintaining an eco-friendly image.

Recycling practices can also reduce the production of virgin plastic, which causes major harm to the environment than other kinds of plastics. Companies need to make efforts to reduce the use of such plastic as its incineration produces toxic chemicals.

Another step which can encourage the use of recycled materials renting of computers. People do not need to purchase a computer if they need it just for a short span. Instead, they can go for the ones available for rent and return it when they don’t need it anymore. Computer rental companies generally have partnership with companies when it comes to providing their customers computer on rent. With such practices, there will be less generation of new computers which in turn will keep a tab on the amount of plastic used in the process.