A New Computer Revolution through Motion Control Technology

Hewlett Packard has just signed a deal with Leap Motion, a start-up based in San Francisco, to integrate the latter's motion control technology into its computers.

HP is the largest manufacturer of PCs in the world. The new move taken by HP can potentially change the way they interact with their PCs. This could be similar to how Apple brought touchscreen technology to the mainstream in 2007, by launching the iPhone.

Leap Motion is a three year old company and it is has fewer than 100 employees. The company specializes in motion sensor units that it claims can track finger movements with precision. The unit can be used with any computer. There are special software and apps available to enable its use.

Under the terms of the deal, HP will initially provide the motion sensors as a separate unit with its PCs, before finally integrating it with its computers. Major retailers have already started selling the sensor at $80 but they will not be shipped before 13th May. HP and Leap Motion have not commented on when PCs embedded with the sensors will be made available.

Ron Coughlin, Senior Vice President at HP, said that the incredible motion control technology provided by the sensors and HP’s technology will enhance user experiences like never before.

Many other industry giants such as Apple, Microsoft and Google have at different times expressed that they are interested in motion control technology. Microsoft has already taken the first step with its Kinect box that is designed to be used with the Xbox.

In a few years, this technology will be embedded into many other devices. Soon, you may also be able to try out this technology by using PCs offered by HP.

HP Signs a Deal with Leap Motion to Explore Motion Control Technolog
Wednesday, May 8, 2013