New Technology Works by Eyeball Tracking

New technology, to help users to work better and faster has been designed, with which laptops can be controlled by sight. This technology of eye-tracking checks the gaze of users and works accordingly.

There are two hidden cameras, which monitor the glances from the user’s eyeballs and also the reflections coming from retina. The user can use this technology, even when he/she is wearing spectacles. This is a better replacement for mouse and keyboard as it makes the laptop or computer function more efficiently. You can play games and click on a folder or a file with this. For people who work in data entry jobs, this technology will be really helpful because it helps they can work faster than with mouse.

Infrared lights have been used in developing this new technology. Scrolling down a page is also possible with this, as eyeball movement can be sensed. If it is sensed that you are at the end of the page, the page is scrolled down automatically. Users can get translations of the text they are reading and also if needed synonyms of words.

Reportedly, future developments will focus on moving the cursor to the point where the user looks. This new invention is for commercial purposes. This works like how a touch screen works but the difference is that it responds to sight and not to touch.

The new technology has been mainly designed for researchers and the disabled people. But for people with sight problems like carpel tunnel syndrome, this might not be of great help. However, the price of the new laptop with this technology will be considerably high.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011