Nokia to Launch Tablet and Lumia EOS

After the launch of the 41MP 808 PureView smartphone, reports have constantly emerged about the Finnish manufacturer’s plan to launch similar camera specifications in the Windows Phone models also. This new smartphone is rumored to be called the Nokia Lumia EOS.

New reports have emerged claiming that the new Lumia EOS is already under testing by AT&T. According to the reports, the new phone has been dubbed as Elvis and will release probably in July this year.

The Lumia EOS is reported to be at least 1 mm thinner than Lumia 920, with an additional hump for the big camera. Also rumored to be included in the new device is an OLED display, 768 x 1280 pixels of screen resolution, and internal storage of 32GB. The device will have a polycarbonate body and won’t include support for microSD cards.

Additionally, Nokia is also reported to be working on a new tablet, which will be its first tablet in the market. Reports suggest that this device is being tested by AT&T, and will have an exclusive app from Adidas. Reports also point to the tablet being tested in certain markets, but doesn’t specify which ones.

Speculations are rife that Nokia will unveil both of the new products in July this year. Nokia has lost its leadership in the mobile segment and the tablet space will present new challenges for the company, which has established players like Apple, HP, Samsung, and so on. You can try other tablets, or rent an Apple iPad from any tablet rental agency in your area.

Nokia in Process of launching New Devices

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