Old Computers Turning into Collector's Items

Are you worried about that old computer resting in your basement? Well, keep it for a little longer and you may get a handsome price for it. Old computers are becoming hot collectible items along with the peripherals. This phenomenon is not just associated with the computers, but with many other devices that contains circuitry manufactured by certain organizations. A few years ago such devices were just used for promotional purpose, but now they have turned into valuable relics.

Vibrant market emerging for old consoles

Many experts are suggesting that in a few more years time, the market for such old electronic devices will become huge and their prices will rise with every passing year. For instance a person might have bought a paper weight manufactured by Fairchild Semiconductor International 15 years ago for $15, the value of which is more than $4000 presently as it contains computer chips that were used in the Apollo moon mission.

Not all old computer and gadgets are valuable

Old Computers Turning into Collector's Items

However, not all old gadgets are collector's items. It is a little complicated business as the value of a computer depends on whether it has any significant contribution in the history of computers. The value is also dependent on how and when it was produced. The other aspect is the common factor associated with every collectible, which is rarity. Some of the computers manufactured during the 70s and 80s were made in very small numbers and so naturally have more value. If you own an old gadget or device that has been produced on a large scale, a better option would be to recycle it rather than waiting to get a good price out if it. 

The key to an old computer becoming a collectible item is whether it was the first in the series to be manufactured. If not, you don't have to keep it as it is likely to fetch you nothing. If you have an old computer at home, you can check its worth by tracking its price at the auction market. However, if you want to get good money, you will have to keep it in good condition and wait for the time till it turns into something valuable.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014