Protect Your Computers from Hackers

Hacking is an unauthorized way of taking control over someone’s system and network resources. These days, as there are several new viruses designed, you should be more careful about protecting your computers. Here are some tips on effective computer protection.

Renting a server for storage of information can be expensive, so make sure you have saved your files in another hard disk or other storage devices. Even if your computer gets hacked, you will have your files protected. Installing firewall in your system is a good option, this way you can prevent viruses and spy wares from affecting your system. When you open some applications, they might tell you to disable firewall- opt not to do it, as this can harm your computer.

You should review your e-mail and browser settings for security. Keep the ‘cookies’ folder empty, otherwise they can give a detailed list of the sites you visited. The setting of ‘internet zone’ should be in high option and the option for ‘trusted sites’ should be in medium low.

Do not download unknown mail attachments, these can contain some viruses. Download files only when you are confident about their content and only if they don’t have viruses. Be careful when you download JavaScript and Active-X files, as these files can contain viruses. Installing a good anti-virus will be of help. The anti-virus software should be set in automatic update mode. Updating it regularly is a must to protect your computer from viruses. After use, disconnect your internet connection and shut the computer down.

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Friday, April 8, 2011