Rent iPads with Your Apps

Apps for your iPad Rental

We rent iPads in bulk for a variety of uses at trade shows, and when we say we provide everything you need with your rentals, we mean it. That also includes loading the iPads with your apps.

Whether you need iWork when you need a word processor, number crunching and presentation tool for business use, or if you have a keynote speaker who would like to keep the audience engaged with ARS (audience response software) – we will have the tablets loaded and ready to use upon delivery.

But these aren’t your only two options. We’ve also provided iPad rentals with cloud storage apps like SugarSync, and even guest registration apps like Check In Easy. If your organization has its own app preference, our technical team will sync each iPad in your rental to include the programs you need.

When it comes to the hardware itself, you have the choice of renting from any generation of Apple’s iPad to suit your specific needs or budget. Whenever the tech giant releases another edition, we’ll have it available for rent. What’s more – we also offer the option of connectivity. You can choose from Wi-Fi only models, or you can opt for 3G/4G LTE models – we’ll set up the data plan into your rental.

To learn more about renting iPads loaded with your apps, just fill out a quote request and we’ll get you a quote. Our team is ready to meet your temporary tablet needs.

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