Renting Film Projectors

Film projectors project the reels of film onto the screen. The arms and distance of the projectors need to be adjusted by winding and unwinding them. Even though digital and video projection is popular these days, film projectors are still in demand from a niche market. Using a film projector rental company is common for film festivals, universities, film schools and residences.

The width of the projectors can be 8mm, 16mm or 35mm. The available space and the number of people in the audience determine the type of projector required. 35mm projectors are used in film festivals, whereas 8mm and 16mm are used by universities and residences. Projector rental companies are usually owned by universities and function from the campus premises. The demand for these projectors is usually during a fixed period, film festivals for instance happen in the same month every year. Families rent projectors for summer vacations to tape family get-togethers.

The cost of renting a projector depends on the type of projector and the accessories that come with it. University rental companies usually offer discounts for students. Projector rental companies usually have a lesser stock of film projectors. University run companies have more available.

Film projectors face severe competition from modern day projectors and the technology that they possess. They lack several features like storage capacity, color and contrast control. As the demand for film projectors is dwindling, the number of them being manufactured has also reduced considerably. As a result there are very few of them available to rent.

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