Renting Tablets for Marketing

Tablet Rentals for Marketing

From iPads to Galaxy Tabs, experiential or field marketers are taking tablets and maximizing the technology to its greatest business potential. What’s more – rentals make it that much easier for these groups to have the latest tablet models when they need it most. There’s no need for a full investment in hardware, just pay for the use when necessary.

Because of the conveniences of portable computing that tablets bring to business, these devices have become a regular tool seen at trade shows and other events.

With an iPad, or other Android or Windows-based tablet in-hand, users can interact with potential clients while on-the-fly presenting demonstrations or presentations with marketing material always readily available in these devices weighing just over one pound. They also serve as a file holder and data collector when used to log survey responses, or register event guests.

Some marketers keep the tablets stationary in a secure display (which we also provide with our rentals upon request) to draw in crowd members and start interaction. If the venue doesn’t provide sufficient wireless coverage to maintain the functionality of your tablet use, simply opt for our 3G or 4G LTE option.

To learn more about renting tablets to optimize your marketing efforts, just fill out a quote form.

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