Review of the Lenovo Yoga 2 11

The Lenovo Yoga 2 11 picks up from the design and build of the bigger IdeaPad Yoga 2 and is the latest convertible laptop offering by the company. The screen resting on a hinge can swing around in four different ways and it also comes with a convenient easy-to-use keyboard. Add to this, a long lasting battery and you have a pretty decent system working for you.


As far as hybrid convertible laptops are concerned, The Lenovo Yoga 2 11 is priced modestly. The design options include a dark silver or light silver exterior as well as Clementine orange. The matte silver finishing on the keyboard is noteworthy and is a good contrast to the dark-colored keys of the comfortable keyboard. The keys are convex in shape to make them easier to use when typing.

The single piece touch-pad is slightly smaller in size but responds well to multiple touch commands. The full-sized QWERTY keyboard disappoints slightly with its small arrow keys.

The screen is pretty solid which makes it quite easy to use when the laptop mode is on in the system. The system does not come with pre-installed applications . Some of the installed apps include, Evernote Touch, eBay, Kindle, Microsoft Office (Trial) and Zinio. Some Lenovo applications are also available for use such as Lenovo Companion, Yoga Camera Man among others.

Performance review

Lenovo Yoga 2 (11 inch )

The Yoga 2 11 has an Intel Pentium N3520 processor and a memory of 4GB. In contrast to the other hybrid laptops, lot of high-level multimedia tasks can’t be carried out on the Yoga 2 11. However, you can do the usual photo and video editing if required.

The battery life of the Yoga 2 11 extends up to a good 6 hours 53 minutes. This almost gets you through your entire day and is much more than what is offered by the Satellite NB1 by Toshiba.

If you’re looking to buy an ultra-book class of laptops from the Lenovo family, but don’t require all the ultra-book functions and want to avoid the luxury cost, then you could definitely go for the Lenovo Yoga 2 11. But it is good to keep other less costly options such as the HP Pavilion in mind which has a trendier look and the same internal configuration and functions. Go for the computer rental option to check out the various features of this new laptop by Lenovo.

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