Samsung Ultra Touch Series 5 Ultrabook

Samsung’s new Ultra Touch Series 5 is an Ultrabook that, on a quick glance, will give you an assurance that this device is packed with all the features that you could ask for. However, in trying to do everything, the laptop has overstretched itself a bit for the price.

Considering its Ultrabook status, it is definitely light and thin, and the 13.3-inch multi-touch screen allows you to browse the Windows 8 interface and play all the touch games that it offers. There is plenty of storage space on its 500 GB hard drive, and the additional 24 GB of SSD space allows for a faster booting time. There is enough processing power provided, with the help of the 6 GB RAM and the Core i3 Intel processor, in order to run all the demanding apps. There is also a good set of connectivity options, which includes an Ethernet socket and a USB 3.0 port.

It has a fairly standard build for a Samsung product and has a good finish and fit. The only issue is the slight amount of flexibility on the lid. The keyboard has a brilliant and comfortable layout. The trackpad is also very responsive and is perfect in size. The laptop can also boast of some good performance, although it does not seem to be as fast as similar devices. The screen has a standard 1366×768 resolution, and has a very responsive touch screen. The only flaw you can find on this device is the battery life, which is much lesser than you would hope from a machine like this.

This device is excellent for home use and some work use, and will most probably be available soon at your local computer rentals agency. The Ultra Touch is an excellent device that only falls a little short of completeness, but is still a very good option for home use.

Is Samsung's Ultra Touch a laptop for Everyone?

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