Server for Small Businesses

Server for Small Businesses

Servers form an important part of any business. A server is ideal for use whenever information has to be exchanged between many PCs. Servers can be instrumental in providing shared storage space for your business and employees and also provide an excellent backup option. A server can also be used to design and host a website and intranet services as your business continues to grow. With many startups relying on computer rentals for their infrastructure, anybody who doesn’t catch up soon is sure to lose the race.

Choosing the right server

Installing a good server usually requires good hardware. While there are some cheap servers, they might lead to problems that can be a major setback, especially in a small business organization. Also, a cheap server can usually handle only a small quantity of computers and there is a fair chance of breakdown as the number of employees increase. Some of the most commonly used servers include the Ubuntu Linux Server, Windows Essential Business Server, and the Mac OS X Server.

You must choose a server based on the kind of hardware you are using in your organization. While the Linux servers are great for security from viruses and malware, they are more suitable for coding related applications. The Mac OS X Server also provides excellent protection from any external threats, but it comes with a hefty price tag and is not compatible with anything other than Mac. But Mac is an excellent OS for design applications wherever high resolution is a must. For rest of the applications, the Windows Essential Business Server would suffice.

Computer rentals provide excellent solutions to all the IT and server needs of small businesses, as they offer excellent infrastructure at an economic price. In addition to this, they also provide IT consultation for maintenance of your server.

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Monday, December 17, 2012