Siri to be Added to Apple iMac Rentals?

Latest Patent for Siri on MacBook Pro and iMac

The newest Apple rumor added to the mill is the alleged addition of Siri – the company’s Voice Recognition technology – to its popular iMac desktop.

iMac is an all-in-one desktop that has been regularly used by our customers in more creative roles, like graphic designers, and those working in media and video production. It has also been a popular option in educational institutions, from universities to summer camps. Like all of the all-in-one desktops, it features a slick design free from the “cable clutter” typical of more traditional desktop computers. But the iMac’s superior performance, particularly when it comes to graphics, is what has made this model so successful, as the leading all-in-one desktop in the market.

The rumored addition of Siri comes from a revised patent application published today by the US Patent Office, which you can read more thoroughly about at Patently Apple. The text of interest pointing to iMac reads as follows: “The electronic device may process voice commands locally or voice commands processing may be performed remotely. For example, the electronic device may transmit one or more recorded voice commands and associated contextual information to computing equipment such as a desktop computer,” or even “a larger structure such as a table of a wall.” That last bit is interesting, indeed.

This addition would coincide with an upgrade to iTunes as well. The patent gives an example of uploading a voice command via the media playback application, which would present the user with recommended songs for purchase that may be similar to the song playing on the iMac when the user captured the audio clip. This would be prompted by the voice command – “find more like this.” Pretty neat!

Until the upgraded desktop is released, we have a variety of Apple iMacs available to rent for professional use. To learn more, just request a quote and we’ll get you the information you need.

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