Sleek and Stylish Razor Blade 2015

The Razor Blade 2015 is the newest addition to the ultra-sleek portable line of gaming laptops of the company. The earlier model was a bit of a disappointment given its short-lived battery life even with a remarkable high-resolution screen for display. In the previous two years, the Razor Blade 2013 has remained the top choice among ultraportable laptops and its overall value and portability has remained unmatched.

Now the Blade has made a comeback with an all new hardware which claims to cover up for all the unfinished spots and returning the Razor back to its top position among various other portable gaming machines, such as the MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 3K.

Design of the Razor Blade 2015

There is no change in the original sleek Razor Blade design. It continues to look similar to a MacBook Pro, just a black version of it. The framework, made in aluminum is 07x13.6x9.3 inches and the weight of the laptop is only 4.47 pounds. It is extremely light and can be easily carried in a typical laptop bag.

The anodized matte black color is complemented with vibrant green finishes (USB ports). The lid has a bright logo of Razor and there is a similar lush green glow in the keyboard’s backlight.

The display appears to be equally impressive, and has QHD+ resolution (3,200x1, 800) along with IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) panel that provides excellent color quality as well as brilliant viewing angles.

The latest Razor Blade has a superb keyboard designed in the chiclet-style as Razor has been known for its gaming peripherals for an extremely long time. It is designed for gaming purposes with complete anti-ghosting. This means that one can press several keys and the input does not lock up or slow down. There is also a sturdy feel to the keys and they have a deeper key travel as compared to other similar keyboards.

laptop vs laptop

Performance review

The company has installed an Intel Core quad-core processor (Intel Core i7HQ, 2.5GHz) in the latest Blade with a RAM of 16GB. This is double of the 8GB capacity of the earlier model. The graphics review is excellent with GTX 970M (Nvidia GeForce) as well as 3GB of devoted memory. This helps in fixing certain issues experienced in the former iteration. GTX 970M is the newest card for mobile graphics offered by Nvidia.

The new combination in the latest blade proves to be extremely good in terms of common-use performance (3 min, 25 seconds in Photoshop CS6). It also leads Cinebench (675 points). It is great in terms of performance and much ahead of various other consumer laptops, even if it is not at the top of the line of ultraportable gaming machines. Check out the Razor Blade’s performance through computer rentals in your city.

Thursday, April 2, 2015