Top Business Computers with Windows 8

Windows 8 has created a frenzy of interest among several businesses about the massive potential it offers to businesses. Several businesses are considering upgrading their systems to include Windows 8 while others are already testing it through computer rentals. Here are a few options that are ideal in the business space.

Dell Vostro

Dell has a history of providing the world with cutting-edge business computers and the Vostro series is nothing short of this legacy. The compact tower range is ideally suited for businesses and speaks of value in every aspect, be it the specifications, the price point, or even the tower case. Everything about this PC is designed with businesses in mind.

Lenovo ThinkCenter

Lenovo has been providing the world with innovative and stylish PCs for a long time, and the ThinkCenter adds to its long range of cutting-edge PCs as an affordable all-in-one option. In addition to the ultralight price tag, the ThinkCenter also comes with the 64 bit version of Windows 8 Pro pre-installed and a touch-enabled 20-inch display monitor. The ThinkCenter is a complete solution to the modern business.

Acer Aspire

The next in line is the Acer's Aspire series. The Aspire series promises to provide a workstation experience at a price that is much less compared to any other workstations. With a third generation Intel Core i5 3330 3GHz processor and four Hyper Threading cores that are capable of processing up to 8 threads at a time, there is not a task that the Aspire series cannot handle.

Business Computers Having Windows 8
Thursday, April 4, 2013