Toshiba Offers New Laptop

Toshiba is planning to launch the Portege Z10t, its first Windows 8 hybrid PC mainly meant for business users. This laptop can also be bought in 32 and 64-bit Windows 7 operating systems, apart from the standard Windows 8 version.

The device is made for touch – it is a hybrid, which basically means that the screen can be replaced to work as an 11.6-inch touch screen tablet. Like Surface Pro, this device also comes with 2 digitizing pins, and the fingerprint resistant coating gives an almost paper-like feel to the screen. One of the pens is given in the box, while the other goes into a dedicated hole in the device.

The coating of the device also works to reduce glare, and the in-plane switching (IPS) LCD technology stalls the color and brightness from falling too much when viewing the screen from the sides. The screen can be easily pressed into the keypad dock, and can be removed only after sliding the release button and lifting the screen. This gives users another way of carrying the laptop by grabbing the screen. The device weighs just over 3 pounds.

The Portege Z10t comes with 4 GB of internal RAM memory, and works on core i5 or i7 processors from Intel with memory options of 128 MB and 256 MB. Also, an optional fingerprint scanner can be attached at the top portion of the screen. This device is priced at $1,499 and can be a bit on the pricey side. You can try other computers from Toshiba by hiring one from a computer rental agency in your locality.

Toshiba Unveils First Windows Hybrid PC

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