Trade Show Displays for iPad Rentals

Kiosk and Security Displays for iPad rentals

If you’re planning to use iPads at your next trade show as an interactive tool for potential customers at the event, we can provide you with both.

You may have come to us knowing that we supply all three generations of Apple’s iPad in WiFi – only and with 3G/4G LTE capabilities, but we also provide accompanying necessities like kiosk stands and security cases to accompany your iPad rental.


An addition both stylish and functional, our kiosk stands securely display the iPads at the entrance of the event, at the trade show booth – wherever serves your purposes best. Perhaps you are using the apps for guest registration, event or company information, or even an interactive game or presentation; the iPads are clearly visible and easily accessible in the kiosk stands.

Security Cases

Others seeking a solution that is a bit more understated but equally as secure can opt for a security case. These clear enclosures lock with a key provided to you, further tethered to your display surface with a slot for a security cable to loop through. A part of the tablet’s appeal is its size and weight, but it also makes it an easy target for theft. This option allows you to not only prevent someone from stealing the iPad, but also prevents dings and scratches from regular use.

Rent iPads with a Kiosk Stand or Security Case

To learn more about renting iPads with accompanying kiosk stands or security cases, simply fill out the quote form on this page to have someone contact you with more information.

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