Ubuntu 13.04 to Focus on Desktop Search

Ubuntu is one of the many Linux based operating systems that have gained popularity recently. Ubuntu is famous for its flexibility and user interface. The high security offered by the open source OS has also attracted several businesses including the search engine giant Google who has revealed that it uses Linux based OS in its systems. Ubuntu also leads among the Linux based OS available with computer rentals.

Ubuntu 13.04 to Focus on Desktop Search

Ubuntu and Innovative Search Options

The craze about desktop search began with Ubuntu 12.04 where Ubuntu integrated results from the web directly into its desktop search. The current version, 12.10, included results from Amazon, so you can search for anything you want without even having to open a browser. Now, Canonical, the developer of Ubuntu, plans to move a step ahead with its desktop search by including an instant purchase in the search results, so you can have unparalleled shopping experience right from your desktop.

Top highlights of Ubuntu 13.04

  • Smarter daemons: Ubuntu has been using daemons to present information, both local and global, directly in its desktop search results. The use of such daemons is said to increase in its next version for more accurate search results.
  • SMore suggestions and better user control: Canonical, which also plans to improve its more suggestions daemon that provides information from the Amazon Store and Ubuntu One Music Store, will include more retailers. In addition to this, Canonical also plans to include filters to provide enhanced user control over search results including local or global results.
  • SInstant Purchase: Finally, Canonical also aims at adding an instant purchase feature into the app that will allow users to purchase music and any other accessory directly from their dashboards. The payments would be powered by the Ubuntu One cloud service, and this will provide the fastest buying experience for Ubuntu users.
Wednesday, January 23, 2013