Understanding Laptop Specifications

Understanding Laptop Specifications

Getting yourself a laptop or renting one for specific needs can be quite a time-consuming decision, especially if you don’t know much about specifications. The CPU is at the core of any personal computer, so if you choose one with speed, it means you have programs that run fast, but it could also mean that the battery will have a lower life and that the laptop is expensive.

The hard drive is the laptop’s long-term memory and drive stores and retrieves digital data including photos, files and videos. The solid state drive (SSD) has a speedier performance and lower consumption of power. If you can choose between the two, SSDs offer up to thrice the speed of the mechanical drives.

If, for some reason, you can’t rent an SSD, you can opt for a hard drive of 7,200 rpm over a unit of 5,400 rpm. If you opt for a notebook, you can use a flash cache of 16 GB or 32 GB which, in combination with a hard drive, boosts performance.

The GPU or the graphics processing unit is not just about games, but important for all that you see on the screen. Any video app that you run will function smoothly and have an enhanced look. One of the most important considerations is the battery life. For a 15-inch notebook, the life of the battery should have at least four hours. Those who carry their notebooks for travel would need battery of over six hours, so look for a notebook that lasts you that long. The most durable laptops are ones that have a battery life of 10 to 20 hours.

Good memory

When it comes to RAM, make sure to get a system with a good RAM so any high-end application can run easily; also you can multi-task better with a higher RAM. Eventually, you should choose laptops depending on what you need it for; for instance, if you need a laptop for business, you should a laptop with a solid keyboard, sharp resolution of screen and good design. If you are a creative person, you might need a solid state drive with a HD display.

If you want your laptop to be portable, you may want to carry one with a screen size of 11 to 12 inches. However, if you want a screen that is large for gaming or creative activities, you should get one that is over 15 inches. No matter which laptop you want to rent from one of the computer rental services, consider all the specifications and make an informed choice.

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