WD Makes the World's Fastest Hybrid Drive

Western Digital 4TB HDD

WD made headlines early in January at the Storage Visions event of 2015, a show dedicated to storage technology and runs parallel to the CES. Western Digital stole the limelight at the Storage Visions 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company demonstrated the fastest 4 TB hard drive that supports the SATA interface. What does this mean for consumers? Well, it means that very soon the market could see the launch of that perfect drive that consumers look for - one that combines HDD storage with SSD-grade speed.

Combining the best of SSD and HDD

The SATA-IO booth at the Storage Visions Conference was thronged by enthusiasts who wanted to get the first look of the Western Digital's 4 TB hybrid drive, which the company claimed to be the fastest 4 TB drive in the world. WD only demonstrated the performance of this storage unit using a prototype and is yet to start the commercial production of the device. Given the overwhelming response to the new device, it won't be long before Western Digital starts mass production of the storage drive.

Storage Vision 2015

Near SSD performance witnessed

The prototypes used at the SATA-IO booth at Storage Visions 2015 had 128 GB NAND for caching, while the WD lab used prototypes with 64 GB cache and managed to achieve the PC Mark 8 benchmark score of 4459, which indicates near-SSD performance at an inexpensive rate. The prototype used at the event used PCIe Gen 2x2 interface and featured a 128 GB SSD and 4.0 TB HDD. The improved performance of the storage device shows that WD SATAe drive can also enhance gaming experience.

Speeds of 10 Gbps achieved

Western Digital had two demonstrations at Storage Visions 2015. The second demo in the SATA-IO booth involved 2 hybrid 4 TB HDD prototypes that were connected to a RAID 0 on a devise that was running on an AS Rock z97 motherboard. This demo showed the audience that WD was able to reach speeds as high as 10 GB per second with this new hybrid drive.

Successful in combining SSD and HDD features

Western Digital has been a pioneer in development of storage technology and is one of the leading manufacturers of storage technology around the world. WD has been supplying world-class computer storage products for many years now. The company had also been working constantly to combine the best of SSD and HDD, which it seems to have achieved with the launch of the new 4 TB hybrid drive.

Although Western Digital has been making hybrid drives, which are smaller than traditional and bulky HDDs, but not as fast as the SSDs, it had not come closer to combining the best features of SSD and HDD into one, until the launch of its new hybrid drive.

To know what difference it can make to the end user, we have to wait and see.

Monday, January 26, 2015