Why Businesses Should Use Computer Rentals

Business Computer Rentals

In this modern age, the computer has become man's new best friend. In almost every home, office or place of business, there is at least one computer that monitors and runs the operations of the location. The reason why the computer has become so popular is because it has the ability to run many applications at a time.

At home, people use computers to check their social media sites, send emails, Skype with friends, and play video games from time to time. Businesses also use computers because all the information is either created or stored in these machines. In law firms, all cases, drafts, notices, as well as deposition transcripts are written on computers and are stored for future use by the firm in case of an emergency. The computer is able to function quickly and smoothly which makes it an invaluable asset for any business. Here are some reasons why businesses should use computer rentals.

Changes in technology

The market for computers is changing at a rapid pace. Almost every two months there are new computers being released into the market, each with new software updates, hardware updates, and even changes in the operating system. Computer rental companies help in eliminating this problem. Instead of businesses purchasing brand new computers every two months so as to keep up with technology, they can rent their computers from a rental company who will update the software and hardware either for free or at a minimal cost.

As part of their operations, computer rental companies make sure that the products that are on rent are updated with the latest technology and hardware so as to ensure that businesses continue to use their services. These rental companies also program the computers that are on rent to make automatic updates so that their content is always up-to-date.

Cost effective for high-end computers

Another benefit of renting computers for businesses is that they acquire the latest high-end computers at a lower cost. High-end computers like the Mac desktops and Dell CPUs cost a lot of money. When a business requires at least 70-100 systems for their office, it is not wise to purchase computers at their retail price as it will burn a big hole in their company's finances. Renting these computers will be comparatively cheaper as they will cost the company a fraction of the total value of the computer.

These high-end computers start at $2000 and can go up to $5000 per piece which is too much for a business to purchase on a large scale. However, if the business was to rent these computers it will cost them $100-$300 per piece which will help to save up on a lot of money. Additionally, maintenance and computer software are handled by the rental company, so the business does not have to spend much on hiring additional technical support to configure their systems.

Round the clock assistance

When computer rental companies give their computers on rent, they guarantee that they will either fix the problem or replace the computer free of cost if a computer has a software problem or if it stops working altogether. The reason why so many businesses are opting for computer rentals is because they are assured that their systems will be maintained and updated whenever necessary. This makes it easier for the business to save up on the cost of replacement as well as the cost of repairs.

Budgeting becomes easier

Computer rental companies give an invoice stating the exact amount for each computer including repairs and updates before they are given to the business. In their agreement with the business, they will include service charges and taxes due along with the total monthly charge. They will also state whether they will replace any damaged or malfunctioned pieces prior to signing of the agreement. This will make it easier for the business to budget their expenditure for the month as they will know the exact amount that they will have to pay to maintain their computers.

If they had purchased their own computers, the cost of repairs and updates will become variable expenditures and it will be difficult for the business to estimate these costs. This is because the invoice for such repairs and updates will be given after the service has been rendered.

Additional benefits

Rental companies nowadays do not focus only on giving computers for rent but they also give a lot of additional benefits. They provide printers, scanners, and setting up of LAN networks. The employees of these rental companies are highly trained tech support personnel are well-versed with the computers that they provide. They also provide setting up of all the equipment at the office space at an additional charge. This is beneficial to the company as they will not have to waste time on setting up their equipment and they can focus more on their operations.

Friday, September 13, 2013