Why It Makes More Sense to Rent Computers Over Buying Them

More Sense to Rent Computers Over Buying

It goes without saying that computers have now become an integral part of our daily lives. When the computer was first developed, some of the leading tech companies across the world, struggled to conceive of a time when every individual would have his/her own personal computer.

Today, an individual or a business who does not have access to a computer is severely disadvantaged in a society that is growing to be incredibly tech-savvy. In the corporate realm, access to technology is critical for businesses to stay competitive. However, with the rate at which computer and laptop technology is advancing, integrating technological infrastructure in the form of laptops and computers is no longer a one-time cost.

Businesses are always conducting extensive research into how they can drive down their operational expenditures, while boosting their networks and sales turnovers. As more and more individuals take to the internet, for pleasure, or work, there is a sustained need for programmers to develop applications and software that make transfer of information and communication more seamless and convenient. A business must take advantage of the latest software if it is to stay relevant in highly competitive marketplaces. However, this is easier said than done.

The life span of a computer or a laptop is becoming shorter every year. While in the past, a business could expect its computers to have shelf lives of over five years, now they need to adapt to new technology at least once in three years. In many cases, this represents a significant cost to companies, since they will have to replace their existing equipment with newer equipment that is compatible with the latest software and applications in the market.

More and more companies have come to realize that this practice of replacing tech is not financially sustainable. One of the alternatives that is growing in popularity is that of renting out computers to facilitate business. In this article, we take a look at some of the key benefits that renting computers has over purchasing them.

Amazing flexibility on contract terms

The computer rental option is particularly attractive to companies that are still in their infant stages. During these stages, operational costs need to be monitored and managed extremely carefully. A small company does not have luxury that larger companies have when it comes to experimenting with new marketing, sales or research techniques. They will have to stick to tried and tested techniques in order to stay relevant.

Moreover, many of these companies need to secure loans during their early stages. Renting computers represent the best chance that these companies have to compete within a grander marketplace. This is because this model provides the maximum flexibility possible. Computer rental companies today offer some of the most flexible contracts and plans. As such, a company is able to respond immediately to worsening financial situation by simply terminating a contract. Moreover, they will never be stuck with a fleet of obsolete equipment either.

Tax benefits

Another benefit that many companies do not really take into account when renting computers is that of the tax benefits they receive. It is certainly true that companies can claim a certain number of tax benefits by citing depreciation on their current purchased equipment every year. However, all computer rentals are also completely tax deductible. Many businesses have found that the tax benefits they receive from renting out computers are far greater than those experienced with depreciation.

Maintenance and set-up benefits

One of the most attractive features of the computer rental model relates to the set up of equipment. As a business that is conducting a workshop, trade show or promotional event, it is important not to lose focus of the most important aspects. The last thing that a company will want to worry about is whether their tech equipment is running efficiently.

In many cases, businesses that have purchased equipment will have to hire a full-time technician to maintain and set up equipment for such events. Many companies offer a range of services that extend out from just providing laptops or desktops. These companies will send their own technicians to set up rented equipment for all kinds of events. All a company will have to do is pay a single one-time fee.

Integrating new software

Renting out computers also means that a business will have absolutely no trouble when it comes to employing updated software. Software and applications adapt to hardware and vice versa. As newer generations of computers and laptops come out, programmers develop far more complex software under the knowledge that the latest computers will be compatible with them.

This may prove to be a huge obstacle for companies that have purchased equipment. However, if a computer is looking to integrate the latest applications and software into its technological infrastructure, it can do so seamlessly by choosing the computer rental option.

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