Thinking of Renting a Desktop? Why Not Rent the Maingear Shift Super Stock

Why Gamers Should Rent the Maingear Shift Super Stock

There are many companies in the world that are creating desktops built to withstand any program that is thrown at it. These companies are also focusing their attention on creating gaming desktops as they know that desktops able to handle high-graphic and visual intense games are the ones that customers will buy. With the global economy going for a twist and many people losing out on jobs, customers who dream of owning a desktop are seeing their chances slip away.

Therefore, when you want to get the best desktop in the market at an affordable rate, why not rent the Maingear Shift Super stock from a computer rental company. Here are some of the reasons why you should.

Build and features

From the outside, the desktop looks like it has eaten its competition to form an intimidating machine. The desktop contains an Intel core i7-3960X Processor which clocks at 4.8GHz and it is also liquid cooled. The desktop packs a mammoth 16GB RAM that is made up of 4GB sticks as well three Radeon HD 7970 Graphic Boards to give users the best experience that you can ever get from a desktop.

Apart from the equipment that make this computer one of the quickest, its 3 TB of space makes it the best solution for your desktop needs. If you are planning on processing very intense visual programs or programs that require high-speeds, this is the system that you should pick and do not even give it a second thought.


Performance is what this computer was built for. Although the asking price for this computer is around $8,000, the quality of performance that it gives is worth every penny. If you require a computer to handle day to day tasks, do not buy this system. If you need it to process video files, use Adobe Photoshop or play high resolution video games, this is the computer for you.  When developers gave Crysis 2 a shot at this desktop, the results were beyond imaginable.

At a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels and at regular settings the desktop produced a monumental 95.4 frames per second and at maximum settings, it produced 80.2 frames per second. Any computer that is able to process 60 frames per second and above is a computer that is worth its weight in gold, especially if it gives 30 frames per second extra.

Thursday, December 5, 2013