Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Author: Ken Scott
Computer Rentals and Gaming

There is a saying in the gaming industry which goes something like this “A gamer can only be as good as his computer.” Modern computer games boast high resolution graphics and lightning fast speeds. In an era where decisions delayed by just a few microseconds may turn out to be major game changers, an ordinary and dull desktop PC won’t stand a chance.

Today’s gaming needs require computers that can process a large quantity of data in a very short duration. The processing needs are so advanced that most of the modern gaming computers require a liquid cooling technology just to keep the mother board from frying. The resolutions are so high that most games won’t even work without an advanced graphic card.

Why rent gaming computers?

It is very hard for an amateur gamer to break in to the professional gaming industry. Being a professional gamer is all about practice. The more you practice, the better chance you have at beating the professionals. Using a slow and dull computer like an ordinary desktop PC will not only hamper your practice with its frequent breakdowns, it will also deprive you of a professional gaming experience. But then these gaming PC are also extremely expensive. It does not mean that you should stop aspiring to be a professional gamer. All you need to do is find a good computer rental service that rents gaming PCs and you are all set.

Gaming computers and specifications

Some of the best known gaming computers include Velocity Raptor, CyberPower Black Pearl and the Digital Storm Hailstorm. These computers are ideal for any aspiring gamer. If you are hunting for computer rental services, renting any of these could do a world of good to your gaming skills. If these are also too pricey for your liking you can choose from any other gaming computer on offer. But make sure that it has an advanced processor along with adequate graphic cards, at least 6GB RAM, memory storage well beyond 500GBs and at least 5.1 audio channel support.

Friday, October 19, 2012
Author: Ken Scott

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft announced its Surface tablet four months ago, and has now announced a price and date for the RT version of the device, in addition to starting pre-orders.

The RT version of the tablet is the “light” version of Windows 8. Set for release on October 26, a Windows 8 Pro version will follow three months later. This Pro version will include the “full”Windows 8 package running on Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, featuring a more robust battery and greater peripheral support within a thicker body. Ports will include USB 3.0, DisplayPort and SDXC expansion slot. It will also have twice the storage capacity of the RT Version.

Would you rent the “lighter” RT version of the tablet? Or as a business user, would you prefer to wait for the Pro? With our ever expanding tablet inventory, we supply the tablets that our business customers prefer. So we’re keeping our eyes and ears open to what our customers think. But how about a little more info on what to expect—

Opting for the RT version of the Surface tablet will provide you with a 1,366x768 screen, while the Pro version will have a  1,920x1,080 pixel screen. Both tablets are built with VaporMg, keeping the tablets light at 1.5 pounds. They also feature a kickstand to make it easier to prop up the tablet – a feature that will surely be appreciated by business users.

Will your organization be using the Windows 8 tablet? Using the quote form on this page, you can find out more about trying out new tablets, or using them only when you need it most using our tablet rental services.




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Thursday, October 4, 2012
Author: Ken Scott

HiRise Stand for iMac Rentals

Are you thinking about renting iMacs or the Apple Cinema Display, but would like a more height for your desktop computing or viewing? You’re in luck, because one company has developed a stylish solution to give your Mac a boost.

Twelve South’s HiRise adjustable stand for iMac and Cinema display features an adjustable internal shelf, so you can set the computer stand at an optimal viewing height for a most comfortable and ergonomic work station. If you adjust it high enough, there is a hidden slot for users to stow away little items like keys, USB drives and other little useful knick-knacks.

The stylish design of the HiRise stand has Mac Pro-like back grating covers that are attached by magnets or tiny hex screws within its solid, rounded two-piece metal outer frame.  Stylish, easy to use, comfort enhancing – what more could you ask?

The HiRise’s design supports all iMac and Apple Display models with an L-shaped stand.

When you need to use iMacs or the Cinema display for a short-term period, just ask us how we can help. We have the Apple Cinema display as well as a variety of iMacs available for rent for professional or educational use. Just fill out quote request and let us know what you’re looking for, and one of our team members will provide you with any information you require.

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Saturday, September 29, 2012
Author: Ken Scott
Advantages of Computer Rentals for Educational Institutions

Recent research has shown that computers not only help regular students learn faster, they also encourage more positive responses from students with learning disabilities. Educational institutions are constantly looking to make learning fun. Computers provide students with interactive and interesting learning sessions. This has prompted many institutions, including schools and colleges, to look to computer rental services for help.

Bulk computer rentals are the perfect solution for educational institutions that do not have the resources to purchase a large number of high-end computers. Computer rentals also remove the need to maintain and upgrade computers regularly, which can be a time consuming and expensive task.

Students these days are very computer savvy and their attention spans are becoming shorter. It has been observed that students pay more attention for a longer period of time when they are taught using computers. Students get a more visual experience from computers, which also help them memorize and learn their lessons better. Students can also instantly look up information on the internet and can submit assignments much faster using computers. Educational institutions are looking to promote collaborative learning, and this can only be done if they can rent computers and make them available to students.

Computer rentals are recommended for smaller educational institutions that also cater to under-privileged students. The capital required to rent computers in much less compared to buying them in bulk. This will also ensure that all students have equal opportunities to learn irrespective of their financial capabilities. Most rental companies also offer discounts for long term rental contracts signed by educational institutions.

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Saturday, September 29, 2012
Author: Ken Scott
Renting Computers versus Buying Them

Most of the advantages of renting computers are well known. Computer rentals are cheaper and save a lot of money for small businesses and companies that are in their starting phase. Rentals are especially beneficial for companies looking to obtain a large number of devices in a short span of time. Companies can save a lot of their start-up capital and can also obtain the latest software if they opt for computer rentals. Apart from the obvious reasons in favor of computer rentals, here are some other advantages that often sway opinions towards computer rental providers.

Maintenance Costs

After businesses have spent a sizable chunk of their yearly budgets on acquiring new systems, they must continue to set aside money every year to maintain the equipment. Apart from the hardware, the software on the computers must be updated regularly, which can be quite costly. Also, many of those computers must be customized to suit the needs of different departments and this process can be time consuming. Computer rental companies offer maintenance services to their clients. They also replace the systems in an event that they malfunction.

Equipment Depreciation

Companies often buy expensive equipment but its value decreases with each passing year. The value of technological devices depreciates in the company books and as such, they cannot be considered as a wise investment. Considering the rate at which technology is advancing, these systems become outdated very quickly and most businesses are forced to sell them at throwaway prices. Replacement of such equipment also adds to the mounting costs. It is better to rent computers for fixed periods of time from rental companies. This way, businesses can get computers with the latest technology for each rental period.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012
Author: Ken Scott

Epson's latest printer, Epson WorkForce 845 is a versatile device that is suited well for both medium and large sized offices. It prints a great volume of documents, presentations and photos.

To support the workload, the printer is equipped with several features like Wi-Fi, wired networking and Ethernet. It also allows printing on both sides of the document, an automatic feeder for scanning and a nearly 8-inch touch screen display panel. The standard services of the printer such as printing,scanning,copying and faxing is also performed effectively.

The mobile printing features are seamlessly linked with the cloud printing services of Apple and Google. It is furnished with an iPhone app as well as an Android app, and an ability to issue print orders to the 845 from any Web connected device.

Epson WorkForce 845 is far from being compact, but it's still impressive because it fits in all the extra hardware into a  reasonably sized package.

The controls that help you navigate are seated in the wide panel of 13 inches. The buttons that are not relevant at that instance, are disabled for convenience. The USB port allows printing onto your digital camera. The panel also provides two card slots. You are also provided a driver disc for touching up on your photos.

Wi-Fi connection is made simple with the option of using a USB proxy or a network setup that connects directly from the panel. By using the Wi-Fi connectivity you can avail a range of mobile printing possibilities. The iPrint application for Android and iOS devices allows you to print photos,Web pages and documents from a smart phone. The Connect Email Print app allow you to issue a print order to an e-mail. To learn more about printers with similar impressive features, you can contact us to learn more about our printer rentals.


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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Author: Ken Scott
Computer Rentals Going Strong

Renting or leasing computers has become quite the business. People rent computers for a number of reasons. Maybe they just want to try out the features before they go and buy a similar model, maybe the operating system is different or they might just need to get some important work done and they haven’t carried their laptop along.

Today’s computer rental companies offer the latest in technology and have a wide range in pricing as well. You might need the computer for just a day’s work or maybe for a week. For durations longer than that, you could just get them on lease. Leasing more than just one is also possible. That’s not all – you can also rent out other accessories like speakers, printers, projectors and servers too.

With numerous recognizable brand names on offer, you can always head out and rent the PC of your choice. Suppose you have to get a temporary office running. Along with the necessary number of computers, you could also lease a server that will close off the circuit for the office. The process of renting is very easy. You just need to head to the company and sign a few papers.

Before you know it, the computer will be delivered to the place of your choice and the technicians will set it up before they leave. Furthermore, some of the rental companies offer 24x7 technical support in case there are any doubts or an emergency. You can also change the contract any time you like, meaning that if you needed to extend the length of the lease, you are free to do so, but you will need to inform the company well in advance.

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Monday, September 17, 2012
Author: Ken Scott

Latest Patent for Siri on MacBook Pro and iMac

The newest Apple rumor added to the mill is the alleged addition of Siri – the company’s Voice Recognition technology – to its popular iMac desktop.

iMac is an all-in-one desktop that has been regularly used by our customers in more creative roles, like graphic designers, and those working in media and video production. It has also been a popular option in educational institutions, from universities to summer camps. Like all of the all-in-one desktops, it features a slick design free from the “cable clutter” typical of more traditional desktop computers. But the iMac’s superior performance, particularly when it comes to graphics, is what has made this model so successful, as the leading all-in-one desktop in the market.

The rumored addition of Siri comes from a revised patent application published today by the US Patent Office, which you can read more thoroughly about at Patently Apple.  The text of interest pointing to iMac reads as follows: “The electronic device may process voice commands locally or voice commands processing may be performed remotely. For example, the electronic device may transmit one or more recorded voice commands and associated contextual information to computing equipment such as a desktop computer,” or even “a larger structure such as a table of a wall.” That last bit is interesting, indeed.

This addition would coincide with an upgrade to iTunes as well. The patent gives an example of uploading a voice command via the media playback application, which would present the user with recommended songs for purchase that may be similar to the song playing on the iMac when the user captured the audio clip. This would be prompted by the voice command – "find more like this."  Pretty  neat!

Until the upgraded desktop is released, we have a variety of Apple iMacs available to rent for professional use. To learn more, just request a quote and we’ll get you the information you need.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Author: Ken Scott

Smart TV Alliance

The Smart TV Alliance, originally started by LG Electronics and TP Vision, has introduced several new manufacturers into its group.

LG started the organization last June to bring together tech players in the smart TV arena in an effort to create a common approach to the technology that will inevitably aid developers in building apps that can streamline performance across any smart TV, any platform. Toshiba joined shortly after the launch.

The latest members to join the Alliance are smart TV hardware manufacturers Qualcomm and MStar, and web browser and app developer Obigo. YuMe, video advertising software and services provider, also joined the organization.

The President of the Smart TV Alliance, Richard Choi of LG Electronics, said in a statement following the additions: “The expanding membership of the Smart TV Alliance is clear indication that these companies recognize the value of this Alliance. This is an industry coming together to solve a common problem, which has clear benefits for the consumer. The diversity of the Smart TV Alliance is reassuring because it shows that this is an industry movement, not just an initiative from TV manufacturers.”

The new organization is expected to release specifications for version 2.0 of a free software development kit (SDK) in addition to the SDK tool itself, developed by the group, by the end of the year.

To learn more about renting Smart TV monitors when you have a need for 3D, touch screen or displays with Wi-Fi connectivity, just request a quote to see how our inventory can match your rental requirements.

Monday, September 10, 2012
Author: Ken Scott
Signs of a Good Computer Rental Company

Often times, businesses realize that they need to go for computer rentals. Looking for a rental provider is as easy as typing the keyword in a search engine. Most transactions with computer rental providers can be done online. However, it is not easy to establish the legitimacy of different rental providers. There is usually a large amount of money being transferred and it pays to be able to spot good rental companies. This article lists a few points customers should check before deciding on a rental service provider.

Firstly, a legitimate rental company will have its contact information listed on the website. It is advisable to dial the number and to speak to the individual on the other end. This will indicate that the company has a proper physical location. Also you can further verify the company's credentials by asking relevant questions about computer rentals.

Secondly, look for customer reviews and recommendations. The internet is filled with posts from customers and if you can find good ones then the company could be trusted. It is better to look for recommendations in other websites as the company could fabricate reviews on theirs. The reviews should describe the services and support offered by the company and the author's personal experience with the computer rental company.

Lastly, businesses should look at the variety of rental options available. If it is too good to be true then it probably isn't real. The rental company should have an array of products on rent on its website with accurate descriptions of the gadgets. They should also have flexible payment options and quick quoting facilities. Legitimate computer rental services also offer to transport the equipment at their client's location. They should also provide technical support and should also be willing to take back faulty equipment.