Monday, December 5, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

Laptops are an essential part of your professional and personal life. Portability is the main feature that distinguishes laptops from desktops. While using your laptop at various locations, it is important to protect it from theft. It is also equally important to ensure the safety of data on your laptop. Security is important for laptops you own and those rented from laptop rental companies.

In order to prevent theft of your laptop you should never leave it unattended in public places. Passwords and access codes should not be left in the laptop case. Never lose sight of your laptop even if it is passing through airport security. When being used in public, a screen guard should be used to prevent others from viewing what you’re accessing. Label your laptop and the case. Do not set it down beside you in a public place, and even if you do, rest it against your hand or leg, so that you are aware of its presence at all times.

Laptop security devices are good security measures. Laptop cables enable you to secure your laptop to a stationary object. Laptop tracing devices can locate your stolen laptop by giving its precise location when connected to the internet. Alarms and motion sensors that go off when the laptop is moved or when the user goes away from it. Passwords prevent unauthorized users from accessing data. Login and BIOS passwords are required to log in and for the system to boot up respectively. Biometric finger readers recognize only prints that it is programmed to. All these measures can be used on a private or a laptop rental.

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Friday, November 25, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

Ahead of the holiday shopping season, the prices of RIM PalyBook tablets were slashed by retailer Best Buy. Apparently this move has augmented the sales of this device. Best Buy has said that it has sold all the RIM tablets which were available with it. It has also said that it will soon make additional units of the RIM tablets available for consumers.

In the meantime, another low-priced tablet, Kindle Fire, has also become one of the best selling products at Best Buy. An attractive feature of this tablet is its highly modified Android interface that facilitates the purchasing of e-books and online streaming contents. The ‘virtual bookshelf’ and the user interface of Kindle Fire makes it distinct. Although Kindle Fire is a lot different from the traditional tablets, it has been successful in gaining consumer attention. Analysts said that Amazon makes profit not from the Kindle Fire hardware, but from the paid content it makes available on this device. Most analysts expect Kindle Fire to give stiff competition to the popular iPad. However, iPad rental and purchase demand still remains unmatched in the market.

HP was the first manufacturer to show that low-price tablets are capable of attracting customers. The price of its tablet, HP TouchPad, was slashed down when the company decided to terminate its tablet business due to anemic sales. Consumers flocked to the nearest electronic shops to grab the low-priced tablets of HP. But unlike Amazon, which gains profit from its online store, HP and RIM may not gain much profit even though their sales are enhanced. The reason for this is that these devices offer third party applications while Amazon provides its own contents and applications.

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Friday, November 18, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

NEC MultiSync PA271W is a 27 inch monitor that can be tilted back up to 30 degrees. This LCD monitor which is 25.4 inch wide, 9.8 inch deep, and 15.7 inch high, weighs 33 pounds. The foot stand of this monitor is 9.2 inch deep and 12.2 inch wide. The screen height of this device can be adjusted to suit to your needs. The screen swivels right and left up to 45 degrees and pivots to the right up to 90 degrees. There is also a carrying handle for the monitor, making it easy for users to conveniently move it when necessary. The screen offers 2,560 x 1,440 megapixel display resolution. The aspect ratio of this monitor is 16:9.

The onscreen display array of the monitor has several control buttons like menu, PIP, input, up and down, and right and left. The interface includes controls for sharpness, brightness, black level, aspect ratio, and eco mode. There are five presets for the monitor. These are sRGB, Adobe RGB, Full, High Bright, and DCI.

MultiSync PA271W offers excellent performance. It has accurate color reproduction and impressive black levels. It does not show any tint problems. Besides, texts down to 6.8 point size is clearly visible on this monitor. MultiSync PA271W is a good choice for gaming and movie watching because of its accurate and vibrant color quality. The preset that is most suitable for gaming is High Bright. DCI is the right preset for movies. To rent this monitor or to find out more about computer, iPad and projector rental services, get in touch with us today.

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Friday, October 14, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

Laptop rentals have gained popularity these days as they are a very convenient option. When you rent laptops, your desired device gets delivered to your home at a time you specify. A large number of dealers offering such services have come up, owing to the growing popularity of rentals. Here are some advantages that you may experience through laptop rental services.

Bulk Requirements

Laptops are needed in bulk in some cases. If you are setting up an office, you may need a large number of laptops. Entrepreneurs having budget constraints, may not want to purchase laptops as the expense accompanying it can be quite high. Renting is a much better option in such cases. You can rent as many laptops as you need. They can meet your requirements at modest costs.

Rentals also offer great solutions when you need a large number of laptops for temporary use. For example, if you want to conduct a training session, you will need a large number of systems for a short duration. In such circumstances, renting laptops is more convenient than buying.

Try before Buying

In case you intend to buy an expensive laptop, it is best to try it before making a purchase. Laptop rentals enable you to do so. Opt for rental services of a reputable company for a laptop model that interests you. Try the model for a few days. If it suits your requirements, you can buy it. Otherwise, try a different model that is apt for the kind of requirements you have.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

Toshiba has announced that Toshiba Regza AT700, which will be the thinnest tablet in the world, will soon be available in the market. This is a 10.1 inch tablet which is 7.7mm thick and weighs just 558grams. It will have a Light Emitting Diode (LED) touchscreen with 1280 x 800 pixel display resolution. This tablet will run on Android 3.2 (Android Honeycomb). Our tablet and iPad rentals service will make this device available for hire for people who want to have this tablet for some temporary purpose.

Toshiba Regza AT700 will be powered by TI OMAP 1.20GHz dual core processor and will have 1GB RAM. It will also have 32GB storage place. Regza AT700 will feature 2 cameras; a 5 megapixel camera at the rear and another 2 megapixel camera that enables video calls, at the front. This device will have various connectivity options like High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port, microSD and USB 2.0 port.

The company has said that the battery of this tablet will last for more than seven hours. An executive from the company remarked that with this tablet the company is striving to transcend the boundaries that exist between TV and PC. The company has also said that it hopes that around 1 million tablets will be sold across the globe. It has also stated that the company’s share in the tablet market will go up if this device is sold successfully. Toshiba has not yet revealed the price of Regza AT700.

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Monday, May 9, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

There are many major financial benefits to using the services of a computer rental company. You don’t need to maintain a large capital reserve to meet sudden demand for expensive equipment. Renting also eases the flow of cash by eliminating long term commitments that come because of making a purchase. Rent payments are tax deductible and thus add to your company’s savings.

Some computer leasing companies offer the benefit of upgrading your equipment to the latest model after a certain period of paying a lease and they do it without charging any additional amount. Major leasing companies have their own team of technicians which will enable you to call for technical support whenever your equipment malfunctions or needs reconfiguring. Technical support and help desk services are free of charge and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some service contracts offered by rental companies take care of everything except for the paper. This includes service parts, toner cartridges and network integration.

With the economy still recovering from the financial problems, it is necessary for companies of all sizes to reduce their operational costs. A major portion of such expenses are related to the purchase of expensive equipment which can be bypassed using the services of a printer or computer rental company. A rental company provides many financial benefits like tax savings, flexible lease options, free technical support, etc which can go a long way in solving your cash flow problems.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

Printers form an integral part of the technology infrastructure for most companies. With rental services at your disposal you don’t need to maintain a staff of IT technicians to help you deal with technical difficulties and malfunctions. Rental companies will install all the necessary software and configure it specifically for your needs before they deliver it to your location. The time required for delivery is usually very short. Any additional technical support can be acquired free of cost simply by placing a call with their 24/7 help desk.

Combining services for greater benefits

The operational scope of your business may be limited by your capital budget. Many small companies can’t afford to spend sizable amounts of cash on purchasing hardware without having the business to back it up. Many companies lose out on project bids and business opportunities simply because they don’t have the IT hardware requisites to meet the demand. As an option, smaller companies can look to combine the benefits of a printer rental service with that of a computer rental service and bring down their overall costs. If so, they can hope to match the technological advantages their competitors have at a fraction of the cost.

Printer rental services offer many advantages which include free technical support, logistical efficiency and flexible lease periods. It is a better idea to rent a printer rather than purchase it in case your company is looking to reduce expenditures on capital equipment.

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Friday, April 15, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

By considering plasma monitor rentals can bring shine to your trade show booth also. If you are planning to put a trade show booth here are some points to remember:

Renting plasma displays can enhance your trade show market.

You can use LCD or LED or any other displays to show your advertisements and graphics, but plasma displays can give your business more attraction in many ways :

  • Gives high quality ratios contrasting with sharp images.
  • Other displays cannot give you accurate colors like the plasma displays do.
  • The video movement or graphic movement gives you less blurring images.
  • You can view clearly from any of the angles.

These are the advantages of plasma display screen. That’s why it is considered as the effective tool for the trade show booths. This can attract more potential customers into the booth and you can promote your company more effectively.

In trade show booths, you can put your plasma displays as a single focal point for your booth or even you can put them as a bank of plasma displays. You can even go for high-end options including projectors, microphones, interactive kiosks, speakers etc. These are the ways to attract the eyes of the customers to your trade show booth.

Buy or Rent?

Most of the people are having the tendency of a buying mentality. Nevertheless, this mentality may not be worked out in businesses, especially in the trade show business circuits. Here are the few points how the rentals can work in your favor:

  • Your rental company can set-up and take down the electronic goods with your specifications for you. No need to take the time of your sales staff for this. Look for convenience.
  • Shipping the plasma displays for various shows over continents can bring damages worries and also the cost of shipping is a problem. So, renting plasma displays in the city where trade show happens can feel your company a hassle free business.
  • Each company booth can look different with plasma displays. Your company can also chose for custom displays. Different looks gives freshness into your company standards in each show.

Now, for the next time trade show investigate and decide the right plasma display rentals for your company to showcase in trade shows.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

Technology is one thing that makes you a leader in the IT field and the faster you are the better it is for your company’s growth. Computer rentals give you the option of leasing the latest technology equipment cost-effectively.

By renting computers, you can save the capital from investing on high-end technological equipment, which might get outdated tomorrow. Computer rental services offer you flexibility in terms of payment as they would not consider your credit score while opting for their services. But it is your responsibility to check if repayment is easy for you. You can outsource your IT needs to the computer rental service providers and they will provide you both hardware and software solutions.

For sectors, which give importance to R&D and product development, renting computers with latest and fastest technology will help to be at par with competitors. Customers look for services, which solve their problems faster than others. If becoming the market leader is your aim, then you need to provide good service to your customers. The procedure of renting laptops is less complicated than those involved in purchasing computers. So if you are short of computers in your firm, you can get high-end computers within less time and meet your customers’ needs.

Computer rentals will provide you equipment where you want them to be delivered. Setting up a trade show by renting computers becomes easy as all the equipment you require is ready and will be installed by the service providers. The annual expenditure of your company is reduced where you only need to invest a small amount of capital in your business.

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Monday, March 21, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

The term computer rental suggests that you can take computers on lease even for a short period of time of a day or even for a long time of three years (depending on the company). Rental services are helpful for business and personal purposes. Renting computers are easier these days as there are many online and offline companies, who provide good services.

One of the main attractions of renting computers is their cost-effectiveness. You can easily avail high-end computers in lesser prices when compared to buying those. The money saved by leasing computers can be used to enhance your business. When you think of expanding your business, you need more man power and infrastructure. With the help of computer rental services you can quickly assemble high-end equipment within a less period of time.

Technological advancement is necessary for most of the businesses these days. You can ensure your superiority among others by choosing computer or projector rental services, which lease the latest technology equipment. Another good thing about renting computers is the assistance provided by them. Technical support is available if there is a problem with the leased computer. Check for their services properly before leasing computers.

Computer rentals are definitely a good option if you do not want to purchase computers but want to use them for some time. In this small time frame you can find out different features in computers that you want to include in your computer when you plan to buy one.

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