Friday, March 4, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

Finding the best personal computer and laptop is becoming a tedious job these days. You’ll see the websites shouting ‘we are the best’. Owning a PC or laptop rental is not just about the price, it is about the product, type and features of the product matters when buying it for you. Here are the types of machines you can opt for.

Gaming PCs: Gaming machines are going to be the high end products. They requires more storage, memory and power for processing, also they have equally processed to run on the internet explorer. This all depends on what type of game you’ll opt to play on the computer. For example, if you want to play online games then a low priced note book could be a better option. Or if you want to play high end games, then you require an appropriate machine to play them.

Family PCs: The PCs are the centre of attraction for most of the families these days. There can be issues within the family when buying a computer. The pricing of the computer matters when choosing a right family computer than the specification. Here are the important points to consider when buying a computer for family use:

  1. Choosing operating system and software: Operating system and software are important because you may require the latest packages to ensure you are in sync with the work place for instance.
  2. Gaming Software: This will be the key factor when deciding to go for the high end machines rather than normal.
  3. Budget Matters: Obviously a key question to ask for yourself before eyeing for a high end machines and deciding a perfect PC for your family.
Friday, January 21, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

Dell’s Latitude XT2 Tablet PC Touch Screen Laptop is the industries first tablet PC with multi-touch technology. It is a computer in notebook form that can be switched into a tablet by simply reversing the screen vertically 180 degrees. The look doesn’t fit in with the other dell notebooks. There’s no shiny colours or special media buttons, it’s just simple and black.

The screen’s regular position enables the computer to works like a normal notebook, but when the screen is rotated, the dell inspiron duo initiates a tablet interface. This interface allows users to interact with music, images, photos, and applications. Apart from this unique interface, the notebook is equipped with the newest windows software.

Dell equips the XT2 with an Intel1.6HZ Core 2 Duo ULV SU9600 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 12.1-inch display. In connectivity terms, the XT2 supports 802.11n wireless, eSATA, Bluetooth, FireWire, Ethernet and has two USB ports.

The tablet form performs best when it is joined with its dock. The dock holds the tablet upright and comes equipped with speakers, essential ports, and the ability to charge. It features an island style keyboard with flat-topped keys, a touch pad, and two mouse buttons. This notebook/tablet is featured $2,299.


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Thursday, January 20, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

HP has recently come out with a new printer called the Photosmart eStation C510. It is the first of its kind, coming equipped with a detachable 7-inch android tablet. The tablet acts as a control panel for the printer but offers a variety of different functions. The “Zeen” tablet can be used for surfing the web, browsing facebook, and accessing the Barnes & Noble eBook store.

The tablet is able to print wirelessly from anywhere in the area, as long as you have Wi-Fi Internet. It’s a multi function printer so you get the fax and copy machine. It has a scanner bay on top, five separate ink cartridges inside, and separate paper trays for different sized paper. It also comes with an auto duplexer on the back that can be used for double sided printing. Although you save resources by printing on both sides, it slows down the process.

The Zeen features a print button on every app that lets you push content directly to the printer. The tablet doesn’t have many usages, as it is optimized for printing. The Printer and tablet package costs $399.

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Monday, January 10, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

In 2010, Apple introduced a new type of computer called the Ipad(Tablet). Now competitors all over the world are trying to come out with their own version. Sales were through the roof last year and it was very tough to get your hands on one.

A market research company called Forrester has recently published a U.S tablet sales estimation of 195 million between 2010-15. They expect that sales will rise from last years 10.3 million to 44 million in 2015, passing laptop sales by around 5 million. They also predict that PC sales will decline from last years 20.5 million to 18.2 million in 2015.

Everyone knows that Apple’s tablet is the best in its class. It wouldn’t surprise me if more that two thirds of that 195 million are Ipad’s. Once the Ipad 2 comes out, tablet sales will start to increase drastically. A lot of people tend to wait for the second generation because of increased perks or skepticisms about the original.

If tablet Creators/innovators could eliminate some disadvantages that they have, then these numbers could definitely become a reality.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

HP has announced they are coming out with a new line of business PC’s for 2011. With 7 new models to choose from, there’s a PC suitable for everyone. HP’s latest technologies will most likely be a big hit. After all, they are one of the biggest desktop suppliers in the world.

The HP Compaq 8200 Elite is the best in its class. It has multiple upgrades to choose from. It offers a wide selection of Intel vPro processors, graphic cards, and chassis options. HP claims that it delivers up to 40% greater performance than their existing desktops. The cost of this PC starts at $679 and should be available March 7th.

The HP 100B All-in-One PC is said to be a space-saving design, aimed at smaller companies with lower budgets. HP claims that it comes equipped with all the tools they need to get the job done. The system is based on an AMD dual-core processor, integrated graphics, and a 20in LCD flat-screen display. This PC starts at $499, and should be available next month.

Each and every design is different. Their goal is to improve productivity, reduce the impact they have environmentally, and create PC’s that are suitable for every type of business. Expect this whole new line to be release by the end of March.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Author: Ken Scott

The new and improved iPad has been rumored to be coming out in April 2011. Currently, competition for the tablet is nowhere to be found. Apple’s goal is to release the new iPad before competitors even have a chance to release their first generation.

The biggest question consumers have is: what’s going to be new?

Rumor has it that Apple is going to come out with a new 7” model. The new screen size will give apple a chance to lower their prices and compete with the Amazon Kindle. The new screens are also expected to be equipped with Apple’s retina display. This is huge considering it’s the highest-resolution phone screen on the market.

Facetime is available with the new Iphone 4 and Ipod touch, so I think that it’s safe to say that the new iPad will have it as well. You can facetime someone from your iPhone 4, iPod touch, or Mac computer.

With the addition of facetime, it is obvious that a dual camera feature will most likely be added. With the capability of capturing video and pictures, the iPad will become even more popular worldwide. It is only a matter of time until they add this feature, considering the fact that Apple has added a camera to almost every device.

These are the most anticipated upgrades for the second generation iPad. Others have predicted an advanced 3-axis gyroscope, a thinner and lighter model, and a built-in USB connector. Apple will surely add some of these perks, which have already been added to the iPhone 4. Regardless, you will not be disappointed.

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