Monday, June 16, 2014
Author: Ken Scott

The ultraportable Toshiba Portege R30-A1302 boasts of an Intel Core i7 processor alongside a high-speed solid-state drive (SSD).  What makes it even better? It comes with a battery life that lasts all day long. This makes it perfect to qualify as a powerful business laptop. Not much can be said about the remainder of the system that is pretty average and nothing beyond the ordinary.

Design review

The Portege R30-A1302 has sort of an old school design and looks a bit chunkier when compared to other ultrabooks that come in much sleeker designs. It's a just over one inch thick at 12.4 by 1.04 by 9 inches (WHD). However, it is quite a light machine weighing just about 3.18 pounds.

Toshiba Portege R30-A1302

The frame of the Toshiba has large side panels that provide room for full-size ports - VGA, Ethernet, ExpressCard and have enough room left. There is provision for a DVD burner and also an SD card slot, three USB ports and a headset jack.

You can enjoy the multi-touch touchpad experience along with a pointing stick when using this device. Below the keyboard, you will also find the mouse buttons as how they are usually placed. The keyboard claims to be spill-resistant and has a slight sponge-like feel to touch.

Machine performance

The device comes with a dual-core Intel Core i7-4600M processor and integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics. The memory is a good 8GB. It takes a matter of seconds to boot the system. The system's SSD is the reason it scored 4,727 points on PCMark 7. AS far as performance at the multimedia front is concerned, Portege beat its rivals-the Dell e7440 and the two Lenovos.

The ultraportable cleared the battery rundown test with flying colors lasting a good 9 hours 20 minutes which was much more than the Lenovo T440s and Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch. However, when compared to the MacBook Pro which has a battery life of about 11 hours and 26 minutes, it still lagged behind by a few hours.

The device is appealing with respect to its features and model design. It gives the user a lot of relevant features such as the DVD burner, ExpressCard etc in a very simple easy-to-use design framework. But it falls short in its appeal when it comes to the $1,600 price which is almost the same as that of ultrabooks which come with a touchscreen of much higher-resolution. Computer rentals are a great option if you would like to check out this new machine by Toshiba!

Thursday, June 12, 2014
Author: Ken Scott

The MacBook Air 2014 had quite a low key launch in the market and doesn’t really have many improvements or alterations to boast about. The computer now has a CPU of 1.4GHz (Intel Core Haswell processors) as compared to the previous configuration of 1.3 GHz. The rest of the features of the laptop remain unchanged, i.e. an Intel HD 5000 graphics, 4GB Ram and a slim aluminium body. What is surprising is that the price range now starts at £749 and the entire range of the Apple MacBook Air models is now under £1,000.

Size: Depending upon what you are looking for-a lighter laptop or some extra screen space, you could go for either the 11 inch or 13 inch MacBook in this range. The amazingly thin 0.3-1.7cm unibody design is common to both the Air models offered by Apple. While the 11 inch machine weighs just about 1.08kg, the 13 inch MacBook Air, measuring 32.5X22.7 inches is 1.55kg in weight.

Apple MacBook Air 2014

Screen Resolution: The MacBook Air screens continue to lack Retina displays. This means they have lower pixel density as compared to the MacBook Pro which comes with a Retina display. The screen resolution of the 13 inch MacBook Air is 1,440 x 900 pixels. This is much lesser than that of the 13 inch MacBook Pro (2,560 by 1,600 pixels). The 11-inch MacBook Air has a 1,366 x 768 resolution.

Purchase Decision

Previously, there was very little difference in the price of the 13 inch Air model (2013) with a screen resolution of 1,440-x-900 pixels and the 13 inch MacBook Pro with a 2,560-by-1,600 'Retina' resolution. In 2013, the cost of a superior Retina screen was only £120 more than the starting price of the 13-inch MacBook Air and it came with several other benefits. However, now there is major price difference of £250.

MacBook Air with the 13-inchscreen is the only model that has an SDXC card slot. This definitely makes it an appealing purchase for professional photographers. Both the models lack a DVD drive. This means a user may have to purchase a separate Apple USB SuperDrive which is an added expense of £65.

There is a backlit keyboard in both the MacBooks along with a huge multi-touch track-pad.

Battery of MacBook Air

The 13-inch Apple MacBook Air claims to have a full working day battery life which essentially means 12 hours and is the same as that of the 13 inch MacBook Air 2013 model. Computer rentals can help you decide which model of MacBook to purchase based on your specific use requirements.

Monday, June 9, 2014
Author: Ken Scott

A lot of electronic waste is being generated with new technology coming in quickly. Most of the e-waste normally consists of old and bulky computers. However, we can recycle most of the components used in these old machines to make new gadgets. Many companies have even started taking steps towards this direction.

Components that can be recycled

Plastic plays a major role among the main components that can be recycled. It is also a major element used for making new gadgets. Many companies have kick-started their recycling program to use plastic in a better and eco-friendly manner. Other re-usable materials include metals and glass. According to experts, almost 99 percent of the components used in different kinds of electronic gadgets can be recycled. The current practice of carelessly dumping these elements is harming the environment as toxic metals and chemicals enter the food chain of many wild animals.

Companies need to put in more effort

Computers with Recycled Plastic

Computer and mobile manufacturing companies need to put in a more effort by expanding their hardware take-back program all over the world. These companies need to re-use  plastics and metals from the old computers, manufactured by them. However, they must also make sure that their efforts are sustainable so that they can keep following the practice for a long period of time. These efforts will surely turn profitable for such companies as they will be able to save a lot of money while maintaining an eco-friendly image.

Recycling practices can also reduce the production of virgin plastic, which causes major harm to the environment than other kinds of plastics. Companies need to make efforts to reduce the use of such plastic as its incineration produces toxic chemicals.

Another step which can encourage the use of recycled materials renting of computers. People do not need to purchase a computer if they need it just for a short span. Instead, they can go for the ones available for rent and return it when they don’t need it anymore. Computer rental companies generally have partnership with companies when it comes to providing their customers computer on rent. With such practices, there will be less generation of new computers which in turn will keep a tab on the amount of plastic used in the process.

Monday, May 12, 2014
Author: Ken Scott
Things to Consider when Choosing a Computer for Rental

Renting a computer is always a more cost-effective option when you know that you will need the computer for only a short period of time. However, before deciding on a computer rental company, you must check certain things with regard to its services and the computers it provides. Keep in mind that even small details can amount to major setbacks. It is vital that you get the most out of the rental service available. Here is a list of four things you must consider when selecting a computer for rent.

Computers need to be protected by an authentic and reliable antivirus software

The first thing you must check with the rental company is if all their computers are protected by latest antivirus software. If their computers are not protected, you must avoid using their services, as it will only hamper the smooth operation of your business. You can find that out by checking whether the systems are getting updated on a daily basis.

Without virus protection, you may suffer from your files being corrupted, setting you back on your work unnecessarily. Also, if the software on the system is damaged as an outcome of a downloaded virus, you may be the one liable to the damage caused. Ensure that your system is secure before renting it out, so that you do not have to face any such problems.

Ensure that the computer rental company has a good reputation

It is very important that you ask about the particular computer rental service. Get in touch with people who have already gone through the same rental, or read testimonials available on the company's website.  Check with them about how satisfied they are with the company.

Check the configuration

Another important factor you must consider is the configuration the company provides for their computers. Ensure that specifications meet your demands based on the functionality you require the computer rental for.

Good repair service

There is always the remote possibility that the computer you rent for your business breaks down. To solve such an issue at the earliest, you must find out whether the rental company provides repairing services for damaged or dysfunctional systems.

Keep these four things in mind before renting a computer for your business. If you face any serious issues, contact your the rental service to resolve the problems at the earliest.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014
Author: Ken Scott
The Computer Rental Process

Your business may need to rent computers on short term or long term basis. For all such purposes, you need to understand the process of renting computers from reliable rental companies.

For several kinds of businesses, renting computers is a much more feasible option. Computer rentals can serve various business needs such as:

  • Helping your staff in designing a new contract project.
  • Aiding online training processes for employees where they might need to access a certain software program.
  • Providing the equipment needed for corporate participation in certain events such as trade shows.
  • Minimizing risk in technology investment when the future requirements of the business are not clearly defines or predictable.
  • Experimenting and trying out different equipment prior to making a final purchase.

All computer rental companies provide you with a ‘rental plan’ addressing your various kinds of needs and business objectives. There are options to rent PCs on a ‘per day’, ‘per week’ or even a monthly basis. Good rental companies make sure that they have variety of plans that address the unique needs of different businesses.

Computer rentals made easy

So you have decided to rent computers to meet your various business needs, it is now time to approach a reliable rental company. Go online and research on the various options available and consult somebody who has already rented computers from a credible company and can give you appropriate feedback.

Once you narrow down on a good company, choose the PCs you require for your work and place an order with the rental agent. Your order will then be processed and the PCs/laptops or notebooks will be delivered to the location you have specified to the company at a suitable time.

Most companies assist with you any kind of help that you need with respect to the rented equipment throughout your rental term. You could get it touch with them simply over the phone and they could also send a technician for help if the need arises. In case there is a major glitch in the rented equipment that cannot be fixed, the company will replace the equipment with a new one.

The aim of all rental companies is to enable your business to run smoothly without any disruptions. Today, apart from just computers, you also have the option to rent other related equipment such as projectors, LCD monitors, computer accessories and even PC tablets for your various business needs.

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Author: Ken Scott
The HP Pavilion x360

HP is known around the world for its ability to create high-end user-friendly devices that are durable and well-priced. With changing trends in the tech market, it looks like HP wants in on next generation ultrabooks, tablets and convertible laptops. Do not mistake the brand for a lagger. The Pavilion x360 is a Lenovo Yoga-like convertible laptop targeted at the middle class. The affordable laptop series is packed with a number of top-end features too.

However, it does not end at this one model. The Slate 21 Pro is priced at almost the same amount as the x360, making it difficult to choose between the two. Find out the similarities and differences, or check the models out at the nearest computer rentals to find out which of the two you would pick.

HP Pavilion x360 review

The Pavilion x360 seems to have been inspired by the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga. The convertible laptop takes the best of the Yoga’s design, but is a little less sleek in style. The device weighs about 3 pounds, and is nearly 22 mm thick. It uses Beats Audio Technology to make it attractive to young buyers. Also, it has a rather reassuring price tag of $400. The x360 understandably has lower specifications when compared to more expensive Windows hybrids.

The 8 GB RAM and Intel Celeron processor makes the hybrid fairly user-friendly. While it may not be the most powerful system available in its category, it performs sufficiently well for the average user. Although the x360’s keypad is accessible even while it is in tablet mode, the keys get locked, allowing you to place the device on any surface, and use it as you wish.

Slate 21 Pro quick review

This design is unique, in the sense that you can use the device as a tablet, and as a regular LCD monitor. The 21.5-inch all-in-one Android device switches easily into a monitor which has an HDMI port. Also priced at around $400, the Slate 21 Pro comes fully equipped with a 1920x1080 display, 16 GB storage, 2 GB or RAM, and an impressive Nvidia Tegra 4 processor. You get an attachable keyboard and mouse as part of the package as well. The device has Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity options, giving you the freedom to carry it around as an Android all-in-one tablet whenever you are on-the-go.

Friday, March 28, 2014
Author: Ken Scott
LCD Monitor

Due to the huge dependence on computers these days, people are now finding ways to enhance their overall computer experience. One of these ways include renting out LCD monitors for their CPUs and desktops from computer rental companies. There are many reasons why people are choosing LCD monitors over CRT monitors. Here is a brief overview of LCD monitors and why they are beneficial for individuals and businesses.


LCD or Liquid-Crystal Display monitors are flat panel, electronic displays that uses the light modulating properties of crystals to create high quality visuals. LCDs are commonly used to display arbitrary images which can be hidden or displayed such as digits, 7-segment displays and preset words. These images are made up of a large number of tiny pixels that come  together to create a visual element. LCDs are commonly used in televisions, displays and computer monitors.


The first benefit is that LCD monitors use less energy in comparison to the standard CRT monitors. Due to its low power consumption, LCD monitors are used for battery-powered equipment such as laptops, CPUs and televisions. Most LCD monitors are now built to look smaller and thinner while weighing half as much in comparison to CRT monitors.

This makes it easier for the user to mount the LCD on to a wall or on a desk top with little or no hassle. The liquid-crystals in the monitor produces clear images, which puts less strain on the eyes. Texts and images are displayed much clearly when compared to other monitors.

Popular LCD monitors available for rent

There are a number of LCD monitors made these days with many high-end brands such as Samsung, Apple and HP creating a bulk of them. The HP Pavilion 27xi is one of the most popular LCD monitors used by both businesses and individuals. Its In-Plane Switching and color-rich technology allows the user to view images and texts in high-definition without any distortion or blurs.

The maximum resolution the user can obtain from this monitor is an astonishing 1920x1080, which is not even seen in many television sets these days. Acer's V173 is a sleek, 17-inch LCD monitor that can display images in a 1280x1024 resolution. This particular LCD monitor consumes less energy and takes up only 100V. Its flat panel allows the users to view crystal-clear images without any issues such as blurring or flickering.

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Monday, March 17, 2014
Author: Ken Scott
Video Equipment

Many times we need certain video equipment like projectors and laptops for events like seminars, conferences and trade shows among others. Instead of buying these equipment, it is much better to rent them for a short period of time and return them back when they are no longer required.

Renting these devices is an inexpensive and convenient choice that is offered by certain computer rental companies. Here are some of the major benefits of renting video equipment from a computer rental company

Choice of opting for the latest models

Most of the time, the latest models of laptops and PCs won't be available for purchase. However, there is a good chance that these latest devices will be there for the taking if you approach rental service agencies. These agencies provide a comprehensive set of choices and you can test these devices before making a decision on renting them.

Inexpensive and cost effective

These companies offer the customers with a number of choices and those who have a tight budget are likely to have their problem solved with this option. These companies also sometimes offer a discount when you need a lot of devices; in such cases, you can opt for the package that suits your needs.

Technical support available for the usage of the device especially during the time of breakdown

If by any chance you face problems in handling the devices, you will get the required technical support from these rental companies. A lot of renting agencies also offer 24/7 helpline service.

Delivery of the equipment to the place of venue

More often than not, these rental companies will deliver the equipment wherever needed and you do not have to worry about moving these fragile devices. Good transportation service is needed especially in case of transferring equipment like plasma screen and large bass speakers and all this is taken care of by these rental companies.

Expert advice when it comes to choosing the right equipment for your special needs

Many people are clueless about the kind of equipment they will need for their event. However, the rental companies can show you the right way. You just have to tell them some basic information like the size of the audience and the type of venue for which you need the equipment.

You may not get these benefits if you decide to buy these equipment and you may even have to handle the transportation on your own.

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Author: Ken Scott

Whenever you plan to start a small business, invariably you will need computers on which your employees can work. Initially, you may find it hard to get the resources to buy the computers. In such case, computer rental companies can help you.

You will find many computer rental agencies in and around the region of Vancouver, British Columbia. These computer rental companies help small companies stay competitive. The computers that are available for rent can save you from the trouble of purchasing them as most businesses need computers only for a short period of time.

Benefits of renting computers

Some of the major benefits of using a computer rental service in Vancouver are as follows-

It becomes easy to handle the budget

You can easily calculate your monthly expenses over the entire period of your rent as there is no extra fee associated with renting of computers.

End of term options

The rental companies in Vancouver offer you with a negotiable end of term options to select from. Over time, as the computer becomes outdated, you can exchange the old one with the latest model. If you prefer the new one, you can keep on using it.

Pre-installed software

Most of the computer rental agencies in Vancouver provide the customers with all the important software that they will need for their daily office operations.

Easy delivery

The computer rental firms deliver all the computers at the doorstep of the customer and even assemble the parts for them. Apart from this they can also provide the customers with the basic peripheral equipments like printers and scanners, on request.

Competitive pricing

The computer rental companies charge very competitive price for all their services which can come out as an affordable option for the customers . The longer you use the systems, the lesser will be your monthly charge for them.

Computer loaner

The rental companies can provide you with a new computer within 24 hours if there is a need for  repair, so there is minimum interruption in your daily operation.

Easy installation of the in-house software

Pre-configured computers can be loaded with customer's in-house software which will be done by the technical staff of the rental service provider .

Proper installation and testing

Testing and installation is carried out by authorized engineers and technical experts.

So you can see how convenient it is to rent computers for personal as well as commercial use in Vancouver.

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Monday, March 10, 2014
Author: Ken Scott
Epson Home Cinema

To start with, all three of these projectors provide excellent quality and are popular among thousands of buyers worldwide. Also, each projector suits a different consumer. The comparison made here is purely based on the specifications and the price value of the product. The list seeks to aid those who do not know yet which kind of projector would benefit them the most.

The Epson Home Cinema 8350

The Home Cinema 8350 by Epson is priced extremely competitively, as it has top-class specifications for much less than the other two. However, this is the most basic of the three projectors mentioned. It has a good resolution of 1920x1080 HD.

The general brightness is also fair, at 2000 lumens. Of all the spec differences in the products, the contrast ratio is perhaps the most dispersed.

The 50,000:1 ratio is far less than the counterparts. However, you cannot expect to have an extremely high quality lens at a low price. The lens does have a manual focus and zoom.

The 2.1x zoom is relatively high for the projector’s capacity. It is one of the most practical projectors in the market. If you use your projector sparingly, it is advisable to purchase the Home Cinema 8350 as it gives you great quality and output for about $1,000 lower than high-end projectors.

The Panasonic PT AE8000U

Panasonic has always come out with some of the best hardware devices for home use. The PT AE8000U is no different. This projector too has an HD 1920x1080 resolution, ensuring the best viewership among most projectors. The light output is 2,400 lumens, enough to view various details on screen clearly.

The contrast ration is definitely much higher than the 8350, but that comes at a fair price. The ratio is 500,000:1; ten times better than the Home Cinema projector.

The Epson Home Cinema 5030 UB

This model is perhaps the neatest in terms of design. However, it is not very aggressively priced. $2,600 for a projector can be quite a hefty amount. The specifications are brilliant, though, and this should make up for the large price tag.

You could try the design at any projector or computer rentals and see the 2,400 lumens output and the 600,000: 1 contrast ratio of the well-designed system. The device also includes 3-D glasses.

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