Monday, September 9, 2013
Author: Ken Scott
27-inch iMac

Art is something that was always associated with a canvas, pastels, and loads of paint. With the advancement of technology, there is no fixed definition as to where art can be limited to. Graffiti, canvas painting, and graphic designing are the top three mediums in which artists express themselves. The graphic designing segment is a concept that has recently been a very popular trend among artists as they can achieve artistic depth with computers and laptops than with a paintbrush. This is mainly due to the new programs that are being used, which gives the artist an unlimited selection of colors, effects and also the ability to zoom into the image to alter the finer details of their masterpiece.

The problem that most graphic designers face is that they are not able to get a system that can match the graphic quality that is required to get the results that they expect. With many companies coming up with new computers every month or two, it is really hard to figure out which computer is suited for the graphic designer's needs. Even those who are planning on renting out a computer for the sole purpose of getting their graphic design work done should read what follows as these are the top two computers for graphic designers in the world.

The 27-inch iMac

Apple has been one of the fastest growing companies in the world today. It has been reflected in their financial statements and sales revenues, and the fact that they are always able to deliver the best quality products time and time again is astonishing. Since the first few Macintosh desktops were released, Apple has come up with newer and better products that pushed technology to the limits and this is with regard to its 27-inch iMac. This desktop is the epitome of design and technology, combining Apple's high-end operating system with top-quality hardware, making it one of the best desktop computers in the world.

The reason why this laptop is great for graphic designers is because it manages to provide everything which is required for a good graphic computer. The first box is the picture resolution. The iMac has an LED-backlit display along with an IPS technology that gives a pixel resolution of an astounding 2560x1440. This is highly effective for designers who like to make their projects detailed and lifelike. Apple has managed to eliminate the 2mm gap between the LCD and the covering so as to minimize any reflections from inside the glass.

The desktop also has an Intel HD graphics 4000 that makes this computer suitable for graphic designer programs like Adobe and Maya. The iMac also has a turbo booster feature that amplifies its 3.4GHz Core i7 processor to clock speeds of 3.9GHz. The desktop also runs at 8GB RAM which makes it easier for computer graphic designers to render their projects much quickly than with other computers. This an amazing computer rental option for graphic designers

Dell T7500 Precision Desktop

Another company that will give Apple a run for its money is Dell. Dell, over the years, has managed to set a benchmark for laptops and computers around the world. Most of the big corporates use a Dell desktop as it runs smoothly and quickly, so that their business does not lose out because of slow desktops. Dell is also used by many graphic designers around the world as it is believed that it is because it runs under Windows operating software there are lesser glitches and flaws when running high-end graphic programs.

The T7500 is Dell's flagship desktop having an Intel 4 core processor that runs at close to 1.6GHz per core processor. The T7500 also has a 256MD ATI FireMV 2260 Graphic card and an 1100 watt 85PLUS Power Factor Correcting power supply which will definitely give you high electric bills but it will also ensure that you do not lose out on information while working. The desktop runs on a 6GB RAM which is an ideal speed for any graphic designer, as it is required to run graphic-rich designer applications like Adobe and Maya. The desktop has an internal memory storage of 250 GB which is good for any computer designer as the files they process are around 1-2GB minimum.

These two desktops are the top-ranged computers in the market as of now. Graphic designers are always partial to either Dell or Mac as they are trusted to deliver desktops that can manage the graphic quality that designers need for their projects. The desktops are highly rated among expert reviewers across different technology rating companies are is also highly recommended by graphic designers through user reviews. If you are planning on getting a computer on rent for your graphic design needs, then you need not look further as the iMac and the Dell T7500 are the computers suitable for you.

Friday, September 6, 2013
Author: Ken Scott
DELL Alienware X51

Video games have been very popular among children and teenagers for almost five decades. Whether it is on the PC, PlayStation, or Nintendo, there is a large community of people who take gaming very seriously. Gaming has evolved over the years and now more people are designing new games each day for different platforms. The PC, however, has always remained the most popular gaming experience for any video game fanatic. The combination of the mouse and keyboard has increased the standard at which new games are made.

New games also require a very a good system for them to work properly. This includes having a good amount of disk space as well as having a video and sound card that can support its graphics. Although the PlayStation and the Xbox have impressive graphics, the feeling of playing on a computer is always preferred.

The question that has dawned upon many gamers is, "which PC can suit all my needs, especially gaming?" There are many computers that are being released almost every month, which makes it harder for people to make the right decision. Also with the popularity of mass multi-player online role games (MMORPG), computers that have a good online connection are more preferred for gamers. Another important feature of a gaming computer is that it must have a good internal cooling system, as most of the time, gamers tend to play for hours, which will undoubtedly heat up the system. This is where computer rentals step in as they allow you to fulfill your gaming needs on a temporary basis. The question is, which one should you go for?  Here are the top 2 gaming computers that are in the market and are recommended by gamers all around the world.

DELL Alienware X51

When a person talks about Alienware, the first thing that comes to their mind is gaming. Owned by Dell, Alienware is tailor-made only for gaming purposes. It has dimensions of 13-inches by 3-inches which is about the right size for a gaming console. The best thing about this computer is that it gives you the option to have a standard front-on speaker setup or you can connect it to a home theater to a get a more realistic effect while gaming. When it comes to performance, this computer manages to do its best in providing a perfect gaming experience.

The PC runs on the Intel i7-4770 processor which helps run multiple applications without any glitches or flaws. This makes it easy for gamers to play any graphic-rich games available at the moment. Even games that require 1920x1080 videos graphics perform seamlessly on the Alienware X51. Even for games that run on a 60fps cap, the X51 manages to always ensure that the cap is always matched allowing gamers to get the high-definition quality that the developers intended when selling their game. This is definitely one of the computers that you should get on rent, if you are into gaming and expect a seamless gaming experience.

Origin Genesis Mach V

If you thought that the specifications in the Alienware were highly impressive, then you have not seen the Origin Genesis. This PC is definitely the best gaming computer in the market as of now. The laptop was bred in the heart of Miami and is here to take gaming to the next level. The PC is stacked with an Intel i7 2600K processor clocking at 5GHz, which is amazing for any computer (average gaming computers – 3.5GHz–4.5GHz). If that does not impress you, then maybe its 12GB Kingston HyperX 1600MHz RAM, 1.5KW Silverstone power supply, EK Waterblock liquid cooling solution, three GTX 580 graphic cards (SLI), two 64GB C300 SSDS (RAID 0), a 12x BluRay burner, and the 1 TB WD 7200prm drive (Western Digital) with an already installed Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) will definitely change your mind.

When it came to rating the PC on its gaming performance, the Origin Genesis created the benchmark which all gaming consoles should be rated against. It had literally scored the highest marks for any gaming computer on the face of the earth. It had absolutely no difficulty in keeping the fps above 50 for any game that had a 1920x1080 resolution making the textures seem almost realistic. In short, there is no game at the moment that the Genesis cannot handle. After critical game reviewers used the Genesis, there was no turning back, with all the reviewers giving zero feedback with regard to improvement.

The Genesis is the gaming computer 'god' and it rightfully comes at the top of the list for the best gaming systems in the world. If you are renting out a computer for the sole purpose of getting the best gaming experience, then you should not even look at any other computer except the Genesis Mach V. The only drawback is, with such high performance, the PC costs close to $6000. This is quite the investment for lifetime tech support and one year hardware guarantee.

Friday, August 30, 2013
Author: Ken Scott
Intel Haswell Processor

With the arrival of the first wave of laptops with Haswell processor, a wide range of prices and designs are now available in notebooks. Haswell provides better efficiency, and is positioned to usher in a new era of high performance laptops. This processor allows for slimmer and more powerful devices, with extended battery life.

Manufacturers opting for Haswell

Some manufacturers have already released flagship models with Haswell processors, while many are in the process of launching their own products by the year. Here is a list of some of the best laptops featuring Intel’s new fourth generation processors.

MacBook Air 13-inch

It is not very surprising that even big names like Apple have incorporated Haswell in their new products, namely the MacBook Air. With the new processors, the MacBook Air series has become even more relevant for the present market. These laptops can now give extended battery life of up to 12 hours, from the 7 hours in the previous models. However, already weighing just 1.38 Kgs, the new models aren’t going to see any more trimming down in size. Apple further seals its supremacy by faster Wi-Fi, lower price, and more storage than the previous model. MacBook air starts from $999, and you can get the fully loaded version for about $1,600.

Vaio Pro 13

Sony has taken a more ambitious path with its newly-incorporated Haswell processors in the Vaio Pro. Though it still can’t equal MacBook Air in terms of battery life, Vaio Pro has presented a breakthrough in terms of portability with its compactness. The weight of Vaio Pro, which is made from a carbon fiber body, is a mere 1.06 Kgs. It is currently the lightest laptop in the market. The carbon frame can, however, be a let down for some, and it is more pricey than MacBook Air at about $1,249 for the starting model.

Vaio Pro 13


An interesting option is MSI’s CX61. Though it is by no means an ultraportable laptop, the CXI is priced at around $800, and is among the more affordable Haswell laptops. This laptop isn’t a beauty to look at, but the combined specifications of Haswell processors and powerful nVidia graphics card has made it a good desktop-replacement notebook. If you are looking for a slim laptop, look elsewhere, but if you want power then CX61 can be your answer.

Scan 3XS LG155

Similarly, the 3XS Graphite LG155 from Scan is a bit on the heavier side, but manages to give high gaming performance for a low price tag. This laptop is comparable in performance to other higher-priced models, basically the $1,500 plus models. This model is mainly available in the UK, and comes with a price tag of £899. If on the move 3D gaming is your thing, then go for LG155.

Alienware 17

People with bottomless wallets can opt for Alienware 17. This laptop is primarily designed for high performance gaming, and is arguably one of the best laptops in the 17-inch category in terms of battery life and performance. You can easily expect more than 4 hours of battery life even on heavy duty gaming owing to the Haswell processor included in the models. However, it is quite expensive and becomes affordable only after dropping some specifications. The base model starts from $1,300.

Alienware 17

Schenker XMG A523

The XMG A523 includes Haswell as well as the latest nVidia graphics card, the GeForce GTX765M. This device can be a bit heavy though, and the style is also bland by the current standard of laptops. This laptop starts at $1,299.

It is still the starting days for Haswell, with many outstanding models yet to be released. The other large manufacturers like Toshiba, Acer, and Dell haven’t released their Haswell laptops, though new models are in the pipeline. In the meantime, smaller manufacturers are filling the gap in production. The present models have clearly shown the potential of the new processors.

Final Thoughts

In terms of value, the CX61 is arguably the best among the lot available now. Its design is a different matter, however, and can be a let down for some. This 15-inch laptop is quite heavy and has a moderate battery life, and is a valid option for desktop replacement.

If you are looking for more gaming power, then the LG155 is the answer to your prayers. The Schenker model offers a faster and slight longer lasting laptop, but overall Scan is better in terms of value.

Haswell is primarily meant for greater battery life and more portability, and on those lines, Vaio Pro and MacBook Air are very hard to beat. Vaio Pro is very light and has a better display than MacBook Air, but its carbon body casts doubt over its durability. MacBook Air has a more sturdy aluminum build, and the amazing 14 hours battery life is clearly a trump over all its competition. You can try these models by renting one from a local laptop rental agency.

Friday, August 23, 2013
Author: Ken Scott
Acer’s Predator

Acer and Lenovo have recently released different series of desktops in the multimedia and business categories. Both the series have great specification and promise performance as well as power to users.

Acer Predator AG3-605

Acer’s Predator AG3-605 series laptops are multimedia monsters that have amazing performance, power and audio for movies, games, and much more. These desktops are packed with features such as EAX, Sound Blaster Cinema, Intel Haswell processors, two bays for driver and hardware, two PCIe slots, and GeForce GTX 660 graphics card, among many others. The series starts at $999.

According to the company, the new series offers different models to suit a particular budget and power requirements of users looking for a system coupled with multimedia and gaming needs. With features such as outstanding audio technology and the Haswell processors from Intel, the new Predator series provides gamers and multimedia enthusiasts with a robust computer for experiencing the latest games, movies, and music.

There are a total of five models in this series. The prices of the models range from $999 to $1499. The AG3-605-UR20 is the highest model in this series, and comes with Core i7-4770 Intel quad-core processors, with a speed of 3.4 GHz. Other features include DDR3 RAM of 32 GB, 1.5 GB of GeForce GPU, Blu-ray writer, Ethernet and wireless networking, 3TB of hard disk space, and Windows 8 operating system. There are several ports including HDMI, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, and the standard audio jacks, among others.

The UR21, which is the lowest of the series, is not as meaty as the UR20. The device comes with Core i5-4430 Intel quad-core processors, speed of 3 GHz, GeForce GTX 660, 2TB of hard disk space, Ethernet and wireless capability, DVD burner, and Windows 8 operating system. The ports are similar to that of the UR20, and both models come with additional SD card and Bluetooth slot.

The Predator series also includes the UR22, which is priced at $1199; the UR23 priced at $1299; and the UR24 priced at $999. The UR 24, in spite of a cheaper price tag, comes with core i7 processors, the same as the premium UR20. The UR24 comes with GeForce 640 GPU, speed at 3.4 GHZ, DDR3 RAM of 12 GB, 2 B of hard disk space, wireless networking, DVD burner, and lots more. The specifications are almost the same as UR 21, except for the CPU, GPU, and the power supply.

Selected models may be fitted with SD card storage of up to 120 GB, and an additional hard drive. The devices are also EAX compliant, have embedded high-definition audio with5.1 surround sound channel, and include Sound Blaster Cinema. Also included is an exclusive headphone cradle which enables music, movie, and game lovers to hang the headset onto the machine directly. This is very neat and frees a lot of space. The AG3-605 models are available with a warranty of one year.

Lenovo ThinkCentre

Lenovo ThinkCentre

Lenovo is putting a lot of faith in the concept of smaller enterprise and business PCs, with the launch of four models in its new ThinkCentre series.

The four new desktops are powered with the latest Haswell fourth generation processors from Intel. The new models include the All-in-One ThinkCentre M93z, extra small ThinkCentre M93p, and the E93 tower desktop as well as ThinkCentre M83. The M93p has a lot of power in its small frame. The M93p Tiny doesn’t look larger than a normal optical drive, and still boasts of Core i7 processors from Intel, apart from a 64 GB SSD storage that also comes with an optional SSHD for even more storage.

The compact chassis of the M93p is also packed with VESA mount, which lets users mount the device easily to a wall. This model also includes the Smart Power On feature from Lenovo, which lets the device power up through a wireless or wired keyboard, and comes with ready Citrix. The other model, M93 Small Form Factor Pro, has also been released and offers dual graphics as well as HDD support, minus all the heaviness of having a mini-tower. Both Small Form Factor Pro and Tiny are priced at $719 for the basic version.

Another model is the M93z AIO or All-in-One PC, which comes with 23” HD display. The device also includes an optional 10 point multitouch. The M93AIO comes with Core i7 processors and is primarily built for the business industry. It also includes Intel vPro Technology for security and management from a remote location, Windows 8 certification, and in-built TPM. The M9z starts at $799. The final model is the M83 and E93 Enterprise PCs, available in both SFF and mini-tower. These business desktops include 64 GB SSD, and more SSHD as optional storage. The E93 and the M8 will be priced at $499 and $529 respectively. You can try other desktops from Acer and Lenovo by renting one from a local computer rental agency.

Monday, August 19, 2013
Author: Ken Scott

Microsoft, with its OEM partners, have taken the approach of designing a product which they can successfully dump on the market and still make money out of it. Android laptops offer a compromise in this regard. They can be easily made and will essentially be low-cost devices.

Recently, Samsung had released the ATIV Q. This device is a hybrid that runs on both Windows 8 and Android. Though Android can be a monochronistic, touch-based operating system, it can still be fixed into something more fitting for a bigger device like a laptop. Currently, Intel is working on Android-IA, or Android on Intel Architecture, and an Android x86 project is also taking shape.

Android, in itself, is a normal operating system that allows people the freedom to do what they want. In case of Amazon devices, Google still retains the final say when it comes to selling the devices. As such, Google can easily say ‘no’ to anyone trying to build an Android laptop. This can be a limitation if Google doesn’t allow Android to be incorporated into laptops.

Devices such as the Chromebook offer a great opportunity to test the functionality of Android on laptop devices. This cheap device can be bought or rented from any computer rental agency in your area. The dual operating systems of Windows 8 and Android make it a special device that can potentially help integrate Android in the mainstream laptop market. Other such devices can be expected in the future.

Android in Laptops
Friday, August 16, 2013
Author: Ken Scott
Where Is the Laptop Industry Heading Toward?

Laptops have seen a decline in growth in recent years, mainly due to the advent of smartphones and tablets. The smaller and almost equally functional devices are gaining market space, and this has spurred the laptop industry to come up with advancements in order to stay up to date.

Acer recently unveiled a floating touchscreen laptop that has been hailed as revolutionary. The Aspire R7 may even be the final frontier of laptops as we know them. Today, about 25% of Americans own tablets. China has recently recorded a 62.5% growth in sale of tablets. By the year 2016, one tenth of the world’s population is touted to own at least one tablet device.

But this isn’t the end for laptops. With newer advancements such as hybrid devices, laptops are trying to match the market trends. The new era is poised to see laptops that will have more functionality and better features to stay more relevant to the market.

With the R7, Acer has included a 1080p touchscreen with the convention keyboard. The 15.6 inch screen can act standalone as a tablet and delivers beautifully. Other manufacturers are also involving themselves in hybrid devices, which are hailed as the future of laptops.

The tablet market has expanded fiercely on the global scale, and there is no doubt about this fact. But the laptop industry is still here to stay. If you want to try out hybrid laptops, then you can rent one from your nearest computer rental service provider.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Author: Ken Scott

The year 2013 has so far seen a lot of new laptop releases. With the amount of options available, it is obvious that you may feel apprehensive about buying one model. To make your choice easier, here is a list of the best laptops of the year so far.

MacBook Air: The 13-inch MacBook Air released this year continues with the solid performance and sleek aluminum body designs that Apple is known for. The device uses Haswell processors from Intel, which gives it s strong battery backup.

MacBook Air

Series 7 Ultra: Samsung’s new Series 7 Ultra is a 13.3 inch laptop that sports a compact body and stylish look. It also comes with its own dedicated graphics card that makes gaming a treat.

ThinkPad X1: Primarily a business laptop, the X1 from Lenovo is made from carbon fiber and is super light and super slim. At 14-inches, the X1 packs in a punch with a great keyboard, killer specs, and lots of processing power.

Series 7 Chronos: The Chronos is a Windows 8 powered laptop that uses the Ivy Bridge processors from Intel. The device has quick booting times, and can easily handle gaming. Though priced in the high-end range, this laptop still delivers in every aspect.

IdeaPad Yoga 13: This Windows 8 laptop is the perfect example of an ultrabook, with great performance, speed, and other excellent features.

There are lots of other laptops lined up for the year. If you want to try some previous models, then you can go to your nearest computer rental service and hire one for yourself.

Monday, August 12, 2013
Author: Ken Scott

The personal computer sector looks to be in bad shape with phenomenal sales of ultrabooks, tablets, and smartphones, but it hasn’t stopped manufacturers from releasing new products to steer users away from smaller devices. Acer has recently revamped some of its desktop lines by including AMD processors in them.

The Aspire XC and the TC multimedia line of desktops will include the new processors. The Aspire XC105 will be Acer’s compact desktop device. This desktop will have the traditional tower feature and will combine graphics with one among the many CPUs offered on the device. All the models in this range will feature a choice between different processors like Intel Celeron G1610, AMD E1-1200, and Intel PDC G2010. These processors are in addition to the Intel processors, Core i3-2130, Core i3-3220, Corei5-3330, and Core i5-3300. The finishing will also be different with Acer opting for brushed metallic touch instead of the usual black matte finish seen in its other products.

The TC 100/105 from Acer is relatively smaller in size and follows the micro-tower features. The devices will have ports in the front part. Users can opt to boost graphics by going for dedicated graphics cards. The models of both the TC and XC categories will have 16GB RAM, which gives them a significant performance boost. USB 3.0 ports are also included to give better speed to file transfers. You can check out other models from Acer by going to your nearest computer rental service and renting one product.

Acer to Revamp XC and TC devices
Thursday, August 1, 2013
Author: Ken Scott

After the launch of the 41MP 808 PureView smartphone, reports have constantly emerged about the Finnish manufacturer’s plan to launch similar camera specifications in the Windows Phone models also. This new smartphone is rumored to be called the Nokia Lumia EOS.

New reports have emerged claiming that the new Lumia EOS is already under testing by AT&T. According to the reports, the new phone has been dubbed as Elvis and will release probably in July this year.

The Lumia EOS is reported to be at least 1 mm thinner than Lumia 920, with an additional hump for the big camera. Also rumored to be included in the new device is an OLED display, 768 x 1280 pixels of screen resolution, and internal storage of 32GB. The device will have a polycarbonate body and won't include support for microSD cards.

Additionally, Nokia is also reported to be working on a new tablet, which will be its first tablet in the market. Reports suggest that this device is being tested by AT&T, and will have an exclusive app from Adidas. Reports also point to the tablet being tested in certain markets, but doesn't specify which ones.

Speculations are rife that Nokia will unveil both of the new products in July this year. Nokia has lost its leadership in the mobile segment and the tablet space will present new challenges for the company, which has established players like Apple, HP, Samsung, and so on. You can try other tablets, or rent an Apple iPad from any tablet rental agency in your area.

Nokia in Process of launching New Devices
Thursday, July 25, 2013
Author: Ken Scott
Intel Launches Fourth Generation Chips

Devices like PCs and laptops show limited performance not because of their processing power, but because of their battery life. Even the most powerful laptop batteries give an average of just about 5 hours when used exhaustively. Intel is planning to change all that with its new Haswell chips.

The fourth generation Intel chips were released at the CES 2013. These chips plan to bring a new life to the ultrabooks, with more than 9 hours of uninterrupted battery life before recharging. The chipset will be launched in the new detachable ultrabook reference design that is named as North Cape. This device turns into a 10 mm tablet that gives 13 hours of battery life when docked.

The 22-nanometer architecture has an extension of up to 50% of battery life, on devices running on the Ivy Bridge-based chipset. The devices with the new chips will have a function called as “power gating”, which intelligently turns off the machine when not in use, in turn saving battery life.

The devices powered by the new chips can easily play up to 3 HD movies, and give a 20% improvement in graphics and better “improved on” states. In the reference design unveiled by Intel, the batteries were placed behind display screen and under the keyboard on a Core i7 or Core i5 system. The new technology can be expected to be implemented in all the new devices powered by Windows 8 through the year. To try any of Intel's chipset-based devices, you can rent a computer from your local computer rental agency.