Why You Should Rent the HP Blackbird

HP Blackbird – To Rent or not to Rent?

Ever since the first computer was sold in the market around 50 years ago, the computer industry has gone from strength to strength. There are many companies nowadays that are creating computers that are breaking the limits of technology on a daily basis. One of these companies is HP. HP has managed to take a firm grip on the computer industry by creating the most sophisticated and most dynamic computers and laptops in the world. In light of this statement, the company has released another product into the market that looks like it will change the world of computers – the HP Blackbird 002.

This computer desktop is a collaboration between Voodoo PC And HP to create one of the best gaming systems on the planet. The name of the system was taken from a reconnaissance plane called the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. The computer aims at overthrowing Alienware, Falcon and Northwest to be one of the greatest gaming systems in the world. Here are some of the reasons why you should rent this computer if you are die-hard gaming fan.


The design and look of the computer is very intimidating as the black finish and ribbed exterior adds to the futuristic appearance the developers at HP were looking for. Although the front panels are made from plastic, they are still one of the best plastic materials in the market. In comparison to other gaming systems such as the Alienware or the Falcon models, the HP Blackbird looks like a beast. The top case of the desktop has a pop-up media car reader and FireWire and USB ports which can be hidden away when not in use. This is a great way of making the system have a clean appearance. The LED lights inside the system lights up the back panel which makes hooking up a gaming peripheral much easier.


The fact of the matter is that they HP Blackbird is a gaming system. The computer is created and designed for gamers who are enthusiastic about high-speed gaming and excellent graphics. As this computer is one of the best there is, the 115 frames per second at 2560×1600 resolution comes at no surprise. It is the fastest PC when it comes to being a multimedia hotbed as it scored 42 seconds on the Windows Media Encoder test. These features only scratch the surface of why you should rent this computer from a computer rental company.

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