Why You Should Rent an Android Tablet

Android Tablet

Over the past five years, there has been a rise in the number of electronic tablets bought by consumers around the world. Due to its ease of use and multi-tasking features, tablets are now a common household item. For many customers, there is confusion between which tablets to choose – an Android tablet or an iPad. Here are a few reasons why it is a great idea to rent an Android tablet from a computer rental company.


In the current market, the price of an Android tablet is very low in comparison to its Apple counterpart. This makes the rental price even lower and customers could rent an Android tablet for as low as $100 a month. The best part about its pricing is that although it is relatively low, Android tablets do not compromise on quality. This means you will be able to get a very good Android tablet at a great price.


Many people nowadays are conscious about the brands they buy. Whether it is an Apple, Samsung or LG, customers love to have their brand create a product that is readily available. For Android tablets, customers have a wide range of brands to choose from. Samsung, LG, HP, Sony, Google and Asus are the top brands in the market that sell Android tablets. This allows you to have a variety in choice as to which brand you would like to pick as all the aforementioned brands make the best tablets in the market.

External storage

One of the drawback of having an iPad is that you cannot use it as an external storage device without syncing the data to iTunes. However, all Android tablets can be used as an external storage device. This means you can copy data on to your tablet and transfer it to another device very easily.

Centralized control

All Android tablets are powered by Google. Many people nowadays prefer to use Google for its search engine, email and maps. As Google creates these products, they are automatically installed in each and every Android tablet. This makes it easier to manage your Google account on one device.

Extra storage

One of the best features about Android tablets is that most of them have expandable external memory. All you need is an SD card and you can increase your storage space from 8 GB to 32 GB.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014