Why You Should Rent the MacBook Pro

Why You Should Rent the MacBook Pro

Over the past decade, Apple Inc has grown from being an ordinary technology company to the technology company of the world. The company has created and developed products that have revolutionized the industry and have set the standard for laptops, computers, mobile phones and mp3 devices. Although the iPhone and iPad have been stealing the limelight in the recent past, there is one product on Apple’s product line that has been given less attention that it deserves – the MacBook Pro. In this article, we will give you reasons why you should rent the MacBook Pro from a computer rental company.

Build and battery

The first thing that you will experience when you pick up the MacBook Pro is that it is one of the lightest ultrabooks that you will come across. The laptop weighs a stunning 2kgs which is 300 grams lesser than the Dell XPS M1330 even though it had a 6-cell battery that gives the laptop 4 hours of life. The reason that this is a deciding factor is because even with the weight loss, the MacBook Pro still excels when it comes to battery life.

Screen quality

This is arguably the best feature about this laptop. When it comes to screen quality, the MacBook Pro is one of the best laptops in the world. The reason behind this crisp display is the retina display of the MacBook. This makes the text and images on the screen razor sharp and apart from that, the colors are filled with rich bright hues that make every detail seem very accurate. The combination of filters, tight ‘air gap’ and coatings make the laptop one of the best that anyone has seen in a long time. This laptop has definitely set the benchmark for other laptops with regard to screen quality.


Using the MacBook Pro is a great experience as the performance ratings that this laptop has is way above normal. The laptop is fitted with a 2GB GeForce GT 750M, 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM which is more than twice the speed of other ultrabooks out there. When using applications and high graphic consuming games, the laptop is ultra quick. There is no delay with regard to everyday tasks as the quad-core CPU and PCI-e SSD ensures that your laptop experience will never be the same again.

Monday, December 9, 2013