Windows 8 Coming to Smaller Touch Devices

Microsoft’s Windows 8 was initially targeted mostly at larger tablets and desktops, including their own RT and Surface machines. But Peter Klein, Microsoft’s CFO, has stated that they are planning to bring the operating system to the small devices market.

Rumors have spread that the company would enable their OEM partners to run the Windows 8 OS on smaller tablets too. When talking to the media, Klein has only confirmed the involvement of the OEM partners and hasn’t mentioned whether or not Microsoft is planning the launch of a smaller version of their Surface tablet. But it can be assumed that something of that sort is in the works.

Klein has also mentioned that the software giant is working towards improving and expanding the experience for all Windows 8 machines in multiple price markets, even the lower price machines. Earlier, the CEO of Intel, Paul Otellini, had also mentioned that they wanted to ensure Windows 8 devices could be built by the OEM companies for less than 200 US dollars. This will enable even small computer rental services to provide Windows 8 devices that will help make the OS available to a larger group of users.

Klein has also acknowledged the fact that transitioning users to Windows 8 is not as easy as it was with other operating systems, due to the upheaval in the visual environment as well as the integration of touch. But that the company is excited about new opportunities that it will provide.

Microsoft CFO Hints at Windows 8 Being Used for Smaller Devices

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