Windows 8 to Revolutionize PC Security

Windows 8 to Revolutionize PC Security

Ever since its inception, Microsoft’s Windows has always been a major concern when it comes to PC security. The situation was simply aggravated by the careless demeanor of Windows users eager to share and download any files. Microsoft has been trying to strengthen its defenses for ages with hardly any success to show while security giants such as Norton and Symantec have been flooding the markets with overpriced software to keep our PCs from harm’s way.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft finally got its game together and introduced a complete and free security system in 2010 with Microsoft Security Essentials or MSE. The application was promising and did work quite well but it had its limitations. The MSE offered protection only against viruses and malware whereas its third party counterparts offered much more functionality in the form of anti-phishing, anti-spam and also password management.

Windows 8 RTM

As Windows 8 is all set to launch, Microsoft is touting a complete security package integrated into the OS. This application promises to provide everything that you will ever need in terms of security. This time Microsoft has gone out of its way to re-invent security at the system level. The OS includes some radical changes made to the memory which makes it less vulnerable to attacks. With many leading computer manufacturers quickly embracing Windows 8, you can also expect computer rentals to include this exciting new OS.

Whether Microsoft has finally found a solution to its unending security woes is something that only time can tell. But you can rest assured of a completely new experience on Windows 8. Computer rental companies as well as manufacturers have already started incorporating this latest version into their systems. To find a PC rental with Windows 8 click here.

Monday, November 5, 2012