Windows 8 on Surface Tablet by Microsoft

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft announced its Surface tablet four months ago, and has now announced a price and date for the RT version of the device, in addition to starting pre-orders.

The RT version of the tablet is the “light” version of Windows 8. Set for release on October 26, a Windows 8 Pro version will follow three months later. This Pro version will include the “full”Windows 8 package running on Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, featuring a more robust battery and greater peripheral support within a thicker body. Ports will include USB 3.0, DisplayPort and SDXC expansion slot. It will also have twice the storage capacity of the RT Version.

Would you rent the “lighter” RT version of the tablet? Or as a business user, would you prefer to wait for the Pro? With our ever expanding tablet inventory, we supply the tablets that our business customers prefer. So we’re keeping our eyes and ears open to what our customers think. But how about a little more info on what to expect—

Opting for the RT version of the Surface tablet will provide you with a 1,366×768 screen, while the Pro version will have a 1,920×1,080 pixel screen. Both tablets are built with VaporMg, keeping the tablets light at 1.5 pounds. They also feature a kickstand to make it easier to prop up the tablet – a feature that will surely be appreciated by business users.

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