PC Rental

PC Rental

When your business needs to rent computers on a short term or a long term basis, you can rely on the PC rental service from ComputerRentals.ca. There are many situations in which renting computers makes much more sense than buying. You may need computer rentals to:

  • Provide desktops to your contract staff for a new project
  • Manage a training session where trainees have to go online or need to access a software
  • Arrange for equipment for a trade show booth or for any other business event
  • Avoid investing in technology when you are uncertain about how your business needs will change in the near future
  • Try out new equipment before making a big purchase decision

No matter what business objective you need computers for, you will find a rental plan with us that will suit your needs. You can rent a PC on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Our computer rental plans have bee designed keeping in mind that all businesses are unique and have different needs.

Experience Hassle Free Computer Renting

We understand how important it is to make sure that every step of the renting process is smooth and requires minimum intervention from you. We are a customer centric PC rental company and all our services are aligned towards taking the hassle out of renting.

Once you place your order with our PC rental agent, we’ll process the order quickly and deliver your PC or notebook rental on time at a location of your choice. Throughout your rental term, if you need any help with the equipment, you can get in touch with us by phone. A PC rental pro from our technical team will assist you and answer all your equipment related questions. And in case you face any glitch with the equipment that can’t be resolved on phone, we'll quickly replace the equipment. Our reliable support and tested equipment will eliminate the possibility of a business disruption and help your business perform at its optimum level.

Rent More than Just PCs

A desktop or laptop is not the only thing that a business needs as part of its technology infrastructure. With ComputerRentals.ca, you can rent almost any technology equipment that your business will need. You can go for our projector rental plans, rent LCD monitors or plasma displays, include computer accessories in your plan, or even opt for tablet PC rentals.

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