Remote Employee Rollouts

We will complete the following services for each machine. This is a typical rollout example:

  • We will receive the equipment and stage within a climate controlled and insured warehouse
  • We un-box all equipment and thoroughly inspect it for any physical damages or flaws. Any system issues/DOA will be reported to Lenovo and/or end user
  • Computer Rentals will provide a tentative delivery schedule, helping manage effective remote teams.
  • We will apply a custom asset tag. A specific design for a custom asset tag and its placement is to be decided by end user
  • A spreadsheet, breaking down the list of serial numbers with their associated asset tag numbers will be provided to the end user
  • Each machine will be placed back in the manufacturer’s box, along with a welcome packet/instruction guide for each end user. This will be provided to Computer Rentals by the customer
  • Each box will be wrapped in shrink wrap, and shipped to individual, residential locations. The end user is to provide a spreadsheet of all addresses. Each address line will include the following: First Name, Last Name, Mailing Address (including city, Province, and postal code), and phone number. We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.
  • Computer Rentals will provide email notifications to each end user with their FedEx tracking number and serial number. We will also provide a master spreadsheet with tracking outlined to a main point of contact at the end user/Lenovo. A master spreadsheet will be provided daily, with each day’s shipments added.