Five Major New Features Among Those Added to Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure from Microsoft you can use for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a worldwide network of Microsoft-managed and Microsoft partner-hosted datacenters.

Recently, five major new features have been added to Microsoft Azure, including some expansions to existing features. These new features and additions are sure to be of interest to a wide range of users.

Toronto Computer Rentals

If you run your own business in Toronto or are planning to start one, you might be looking at meeting your technological requirements in a cost-effective manner. Every office today requires a basic set up with computers, printers and other related equipment. But this also calls for major investments from the business point of view. The good news is that there are a number of computer rental services in Toronto that could meet your short term technological needs in an efficient and cost-saving way.

Why Rent or Lease Copiers

Copier Rentals

Why Businesses Need IT Rentals

IT plays an important role in the smooth functioning of any business. Companies, small or large, require various forms of IT to operate properly. IT Rental companies help businesses by providing them with a range of IT products such as PCs, laptops, photocopiers, printers and so on.

Why Renting Computers Can Do Wonders for Your Start Up Business

Renting Computers is a good option for Start up businesses

In this modern day age, there is a lot of dependance on computers to get any job done. Technicians use computers to create software and develop patches, content marketers use them to upload pictures and documents on websites and graphic artists use them to draw and animate pictures.

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