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iPads Outpace PCs in Education

iPad Rentals for Education

We've mentioned a time or two the appeal of tablets in education, and it seems that students and their parents have seen it too.

There's new figures suggesting that tablets--specifically Apple's iPad--are 'cannabalizing' PC sales in the K-12 market.  In other words, iPad sales are outpacing those of PCs, reportedly for the first time in history.

Android Alternatives to iPad Rentals in Education

Android Tablet Rental

It’s back to school season, and teachers and administrators may have planned incorporating new technology into the classroom. Devices like the tablet has slowly made its way into education with interactive apps in addition to its e-reading capabilities. They're used all the way from elementary schools to universities, and have even been found to be exceptionally beneficial for special education purposes.

Rent iPads with Your Apps

Apps for your iPad Rental

We rent iPads in bulk for a variety of uses at trade shows, and when we say we provide everything you need with your rentals, we mean it. That also includes loading the iPads with your apps.

Renting Tablets for Marketing

Tablet Rentals for Marketing

From iPads to Galaxy Tabs, experiential or field marketers are taking tablets and maximizing the technology to its greatest business potential. What’s more – rentals make it that much easier for these groups to have the latest tablet models when they need it most. There’s no need for a full investment in hardware, just pay for the use when necessary.

Trade Show Displays for iPad Rentals

Kiosk and Security Displays for iPad rentals

If you’re planning to use iPads at your next trade show as an interactive tool for potential customers at the event, we can provide you with both.

Easy Payment Transactions Using your iPad Rental

Square Card Reader for iPad Rentals

When you rent iPads for an event, your company may have the opportunity to conduct business on-site. If you are heading to such a gathering where potential customers will be in attendance, consider adding the Square Card Reader and application for easy cash and credit card transactions while away from the office or storefront.

Advantages of the Ipad2 over the original Ipad

The ipad2 was released in 2011; a year after the original tablet was launched. The tablet is extremely portable and is excellent for music and videos. Its battery lasts much longer than a laptops battery. The Apple ipad2 is an improved version of the original. Ipad sales have rocketed and Ipad rental companies have also become increasing popular.

Benefits of Renting iPads

Many new technologies have been making waves in the business world. iPad is one of them. This small device can be helpful to companies in many ways. You can opt for iPad rentals as they are inexpensive and you can rent as many as you want based on your requirements. Also, if it for a one time use, renting the device is a better idea. Here is some information on how it can be used for your benefits at trade shows.

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