Computer Rentals for Trade Shows

Trade shows are the platforms where businesses can showcase their products and services in the best light to impress their customers. No matter which industry you are in, if you want to impress those coming to your stall at a trade show, then you need to have the right equipment set up. offers LCD monitors, AV systems, laptops, convertible notebooks, and other digital equipment that you need to make your trade show a big success.

Impress Visitors with AV Presentations

Gone are the days when sales reps would talk to every visitor walking into a trade show booth, to explain what the company has on offer. Now all you have to do is have an LCD monitors or plasma screens set up in the stall and play a presentation or a video in a loop, and have the staff answer questions only when needed.

Audio and visual presentations are more attractive when compared to a speech, which is why visitors are drawn to booths with attractive images, videos and slide shows. Trade shows give you one chance to impress your prospective clients. So why not make the most of it with the help of computer rentals?

Hassle Free Shipping and Installation

You may ask, why rent laptops, monitors, sound systems and other trade show equipment when you already own them? The answer is simple – to avoid the hassles of shipping. Trade shows happen across the country, and not just in one city. When you are participating in multiple trade shows at a stretch, shipping the equipment, which costs several thousands of dollars to the company, from one place to another, can be a hassle.

Not only will you have to spare the high shipping charges, you will also face the risk of damage to the equipment in transit. This will increase the costs further, which is not good for the business. We offer computer rental solutions for tradeshows in a number of cities in Canada including Brampton, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Oakville and Ottawa.

Wherever the venue is, in any of the cities, we will deliver the laptops, printers, monitors and other computer equipment and also install them. One of our technicians will also be present with you at the trade show to help you with the equipment and handle any glitches as they occur.

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