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Computer Rentals White Glove Services

Traditionally, our services have been renting technology short-term. Our customers have always relied on us to make it easy for them, which is why they stick with us. Technology rentals arrive on-site and ready to use right out of the box.

Our procedures are designed for the mass customization of large numbers of technical devices like laptops and tablets, so it was a natural progression to add white glove services for end-users and resellers.

Our white glove services include:

  • Custom images created and installed on any number of systems
  • Server building
  • Custom kitting availability
  • Storing, configuring and managing long-term arrangements
  • Asset tagging, etching, Chrome enrollment, and Chrome OS updating

Customers usually don’t have the means to do these things on site. If you had 200 computers arriving, either at your facility, or that of a customer, it would create a lot of work and trash for staff to manage.

IT workers would have to stop troubleshooting company hardware or managing network issues to unpack, image and manage user settings on each machine.

Computer Rentals can relieve you of that bother by having the equipment arrive on site ready to go.

More Reasons to Partner with Computer Rentals for White Glove Services

Companies choose Computer Rentals for white glove services for a number of different reasons.

For resellers – We increase profit margins by allowing you to close out the equipment order. Also, Computer Rentals is channel neutral and doesn’t sell product, which means we will never be in competition with you.

For all customers – We can accept equipment from various suppliers, configure it and consolidate it before shipping to you at your location or your customers’ locations.

We can also handle multi-site distributions so, if you need hundreds of laptops and shipping to individual remote employees, we can do that.

You product will arrive in convenient packaging that increases efficiency by creating less waste. That’s because all product is removed from the manufacturer’s packaging and placed in our packaging which can then be collapsed and recycled or thrown away by the customer.

It’s a much more environmentally friendly solution than having to deal with the original manufacturer packaging, which includes Styrofoam and plastic, as well as cardboard.

Short-term Rentals

Computer Rentals is a short-term rental company. We cover the gap that leasing doesn’t cover, meaning you can rent equipment for a year or less. So if you or your customers need equipment for a short space or time, such as a trade show or for training purposes, we can provide flexible rental terms. Rent for a day, a week, a month or two, or six months, indeed, any period of time up to a year.

White Glove Services

Our white glove service is an expansion of our own internal specialties, including imaging, etching, asset tagging, updating operating systems, creating a Chrome Management Console and log-ins.

These White Glove services give both the reseller and the end customer the ability to have the equipment arrive on-site, ready to go.

Generally speaking, end customers simply don’t have the resources on site to do all that’s required to get a computer ready to go. For 200 computers, the manufacturer’s packaging alone would create a lot of garbage to get rid of.

Then, there are the IT people who would normally be trying to fix printers or manage network issues, that would have to prioritize imaging desktops and fixing settings on every machine, instead.

Computer Rentals takes care of all that upfront, so that your equipment arrives on-site ready to use.

Partnering with Resellers

Imagine a school system that wanted Chromebooks delivered to different elementary schools. They wanted to etch their logo on top of the machines, update the OS and enroll each Chromebook into each elementary school’s Chrome Management Console.

They also wanted a custom asset tag so they could keep track of the machines once they were on site. A small seller or the school system itself would find themselves overwhelmed but Computer Rentals could easily handle the job.

Learn More

Computer Rentals is pleased to expand our service offerings to include white glove services to organizations all over North America. If you’d like to partner with us to receive white glove services for your organization, or if we can help you close a deal with a customer looking for this kind of service with their device purchase, please contact us. We’d be pleased to help.