4 New Notebooks from ASUS

ASUS is planning to release its much-anticipated Transformer Book TX300 in the near future. This comes after a series of successful models from ASUS that have re-established its position as a good computer maker. Apart from Transformer Book, ASUS is also releasing a host of computers aimed at the low-priced and high-performance computer categories. The innovative products from ASUS have always caught the eye of the computer industry.

All the latest computers from ASUS are powered by the Windows 8 OS and offer a dynamic user experience. The computers are incorporated with powerful hard drives and RAMs that make them among the best computers in the market today.

The planned Transformer Book will be a cross between tablets and laptops. This 13-inch notebook will have a powerful processor from Intel, with the display adjusted, so that it can be detached and replaced as and when required. The notebook will come with a sufficient memory of 320 GB or 500 GB.

ASUS also released a new desktop this month that follows its latest endeavors in building high performance and low priced desktop models. The CM1735-US005S comes with all the standard features of a desktop and is priced at just $400.

ASUS has also recently released the Padfone Infinity in the US. Known for its exceptional hybrid products, the Padfone from ASUS is built to be a compromise between a phone and a pad. This product is being received well by users all. You can even look for computer rentals to use a computer before buying it.

New Releases by ASUS
Monday, May 13, 2013